To come suddenly one night… | Utku Reyhan

In the spring of 2015, we went to Aydın Kuşadası for the preparations for the rally. It’s been 7 years since.

In the invitation notices we distributed as the Vatan Party, we said that 152 islands, islets and rocks in the Aegean were under Greek occupation and that they were armed step by step. We wandered every inch of this distinguished tourism district. We have to admit, we were often greeted as “aliens”. What island, what invasion? Mr. Doğu Perinçek also gave a historic speech here.

Our public opinion was alien to the subject at that time, but the Greek press was very scared of this rally. After all, there was an invasion process that they carried out quietly. Now someone was coming out and saying it out loud. Also, it’s not new. The Vatan Party has expressed this danger since the mid-2000s. One of the reasons why the Turkish navy was targeted in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer schemes was to prevent this brazen occupation from being resisted. Today, Greece has settled on the islands of Eşek and Bulamaç, right under the nose of Kuşadası and Didim. That’s why we held the rally in Kuşadası. Because these islands are occupied today, although their sovereignty was not transferred to Greece by international agreements.

In his speech three days ago, Mr. President admitted that Greece had occupied some islands in the Aegean and implied to take them back: “If you go much further, the price will be heavy. Occupying the islands does not bind us. When the time comes, we will do what is necessary. You know what we say: We can come suddenly one night.”

Such a will is undoubtedly positive. We are not going to squeeze lemons by saying “Where have you been so far” like some people do. However, in order for these words to go beyond a speech, we have to face some facts and take some steps.


First of all, the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean islands and Greece’s transformation into a US base are not independent of each other. We need to understand this.

Today, Greece is not a state of its own will. USA arming Greece. It’s not enough, it’s the USA, which has filled Greece with bases, soldiers, tanks and planes, starting from Alexandroupoli on the Turkish border, from the northernmost to the southernmost Crete. It is also the USA that conducts dozens of exercises with the theme of “revenge from Turkey” in the Eastern Mediterranean, together with Israel, Greece and Southern Cyprus.

In other words, the power against us is not Greece, but the USA. It’s easy to blame Greece. Its population is certain, its military power is certain. Our nationalist feelings also rise, there are also very nice references to pouring into the sea, we get excited… But this is not the truth. The real enemy is the USA, let’s put it first. Eastern Mediterranean-Greece-based US aggression is the primary threat for Turkey today. Considering the size of the military build-up and the successive provocations, it becomes necessary to focus attention here.


Secondly, since the main enemy in the Eastern Mediterranean is the USA and countries like England and France, which are on its tail, what kind of policy will we follow to deal with these countries? Mr. Erdogan says that we can go to the north of Syria on the one hand and to the Aegean Islands on the other “suddenly one night”. Fighting on two fronts is murder.

In order to concentrate our attention and force in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is necessary to end the PKK/PYD problem in northern Syria first. The only way to achieve this is to cooperate with the Syrian administration. Conditions are favorable. Damascus is also ready for this solution. If the two countries come to an agreement, both the PKK will be destroyed and the USA will be gone. The return of asylum seekers to their countries is also important. There is no excuse to resist and waste time on this issue anymore.


Finally, carrying out a military operation on the islands occupied by Greece means war for all Western countries, especially the USA. How will we cope with this? Of course, by making military and financial cooperation with the Eurasian powers, especially Russia, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because the Aegean is as important to us as it is to Russia. It conducts a significant part of its trade through the Straits and the Aegean.

So, do we have a foreign policy that will get the Eurasian forces behind us? Not at the moment. This is not possible by selling UAVs to Ukraine or by positioning against the Assad regime in Syria. We need to quickly move away from the foreign policy that leaves Turkey alone under the name of “balance” and clarify Turkey’s position. Otherwise, we would have left Turkey alone against the world’s largest navies. Since we are alone today, we cannot take our drilling ships out of Antalya Bay, can we?

It is possible to protect our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean and defeat the threat posed through Greece. However, this is possible by taking the strategic steps listed above. It comes back. The later we are, the earlier we can be trapped without allies and take a blow that we cannot respond to.

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