Andrey Klimov is in Turkey… S-400 statement from Russia


Russia Andrey Klimov, the head of the United Russia Party headed by President Vladimir Putin, arrived for official contacts. TurkeyHe answered journalists’ questions.

“When the pandemic started, international relations were strained. That’s why we didn’t meet in person for about two years. Now we have had the opportunity to talk about the most important and current issues,” said Klimov, adding, “A congress of the Asian Political Party will be held in Istanbul in November. It will be a plenary session. More than 400 parties from Asia and Eurasia participate. I wondered how Turkey and our colleagues are preparing for an event that will take place in Istanbul in mid-November. We also held talks with representatives of the Russia-Turkey friendship group in your parliament,” he said.



Touching upon the West’s approach to Turkey-Russia cooperation, Klimov said, “Sanctions in international law are things that are done according to the decision taken within the United Nations Security Council. These applied restrictions are also in line with international law. world It is against trade rules. It is also against the civil law of the implementing countries. That’s why I use the term illegitimate restrictions in this regard. We appreciated the level of our relations with our Turkish friends regarding Russia-Turkey relations. Our relationships are really high. This is in favor of both Turkey and Russia. Relations between Turkey and Russia have increased in various fields during this period. From nuclear energy to tourism. “Our states have established unique relations about political relations,” he said.


‘Russia is not at war with Ukraine. We sell natural gas to Ukraine. Could there be such a war?’ Klimov continued his words as follows;

‘We were giving electricity. They themselves began to fire on the power lines with American rocket systems. All our offers are on the table. They came to Istanbul. I know our entire delegation well. They are respectable people. We have given documents reflecting our view. There is another problem. Interviews can be conducted with people who can make decisions. Turkey, for example, is an independent and sovereign country and its decision President and Parliament. In Russia, the president, government and parliament take decisions. I do not know who is the decision maker in Ukraine. For this reason, it is necessary to talk about the fact that Ukraine has already lost its independence, rather than talking about mediation here.’



“Starting from 2014, all Ukrainian governments were trying to disrupt our bilateral relations,” Klimov said. But until 2019, there was a very important document. This document is a document that reflects the fundamental principles of relations between Russia and Ukraine. This is called friendship and cooperation agreement. In this document, it was written that the two sides respected each other’s territorial integrity. This document included mechanisms for how to resolve issues. But it is Zelenski who ruined this document. He destroyed this document right after he became president of Ukraine. He destroyed the only guarantee of the Ukrainian state. “After destroying it, they started firing on Russian territory,” he said.



Reminding that Zelensky announced in Munich that they would take Crimea from Russia, Klimov said, “Crimea belongs to Russia. They used the time of his rule to prepare for war against Russia. We want our people not to be a danger. More than 30 countries arm Ukraine. It is the weapons that kill our citizens every day. It is our right to take these weapons. We had to do what had to be done on February 24. “When these are done, then the disaster will end,” he said.


Commenting on the grain corridor, Klimov said, “We agreed on the ships going from Ukraine through the Black Sea. We were not against it before. We didn’t have to worry about the non-banned loads going away. It was important that the forbidden cargoes did not go. Turkey’s kind offer consisted in establishing a control mechanism. In other words, the sale of Ukrainian grain by Russia is out of question. Ukraine sells its own grain to anyone. They were talking about these grains going to Africa. But 1 ton of these 20 tons goes to Africa. So we want them not to deceive the whole world. Where are these 19 tons going? But we are not making any obstacles. “Even if all the grain goes to Africa, it cannot save these countries from starvation,” he said.



Saying that ’40 percent of the world’s fertilizer market is met by Russia and Belarus’, Klimov continued his words as follows;

‘US and EU states have applied illegitimate restrictions to prevent goods like this from going. There is no ban on sending formally. But shipping, insurance and settlements are prohibited. This is the cause of hunger. It’s not about the grain deal. The agreement we signed with Ankara was an agreement on the control of the contents of the ships. There is never any question of Russia blocking the departure of goods from Ukraine. This is legend.’


When asked whether new regulations will come to the grain agreement, Klimov said, ‘I do not see the need for this. I think he did something unique. We just want to make sure that the prohibited loads are not carried there. He acted as an intermediary in Turkey. This work continues. If Ukraine is selling this product, if Europe is buying it, this is their relationship,” he said.



Referring to the energy crisis in Europe, Klimov said, “In 2020, the price of natural gas was around 100 euros. Currently around 2500 euros. But they don’t want to accept it. How can we solve this problem? There is no crisis for us. I don’t understand what the tool can do in this situation. But some countries make a lot of profit. Our Indian friends started to get 10 times more. They buy from us and sell to others. Prices were also different. In these 6 months, Russia became one of the 3 biggest partners of the EU. USA, China and Russia. Prices have increased. Our profits have increased. In 2022, the ruble has been a solid currency. Our colleagues in the EU wonder if they have harmed us. They inflict harm on their own people. But it is very difficult to help people who have no sense. A quarter of the world’s states have taken their position against Russia. In other words, Turkey is one of the countries that do not have this disease, which has three-quarters of it.


Regarding the S-400 issue, Klimov said, ‘These talks require calm. Sometimes gossip arises. I can only say one thing. I think there is no problem with the S-400. We have had commercial experiences like this. It was positive. It is something beneficial for both parties. It is not something done against a third country. Because the S-400 is defense. For example, the planes sold by the USA to Greece are different. Assault weapons o.’ said.


Klimov said, “When I went to Damascus, the militants were 8 kilometers away from Asad’s palace.”

‘There were fires near the halls where we held meetings. But now the situation is different with the contribution of the Russian army. We are in much better shape. With joint efforts, we can also solve these problems. Moscow has a very open, strong and serious dialogue with both Damascus and Ankara. Therefore, we have the potential to solve all the problems accumulated in ten years, not one year. That’s why I look at this situation with cautious optimism.’


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