New Opel Astra in Turkey! Features and price

With its Astra model, Opel has been among the best sellers in Europe’s hatchback market for nearly 25 years. At the event we attended in Lisbon last February, we had the chance to examine the 2022 model with its renewed case. Today, the vehicle entered the Turkish market. Here are the Opel Astra features and price…

New Opel Astra 2022 features and price

You can watch our new Opel Astra 2022 review by clicking the link above.

The interior and exterior design of the Astra, which is Opel’s best-selling model, was completely renewed in 2022. This car, which is the new member of the C segment hatchback class, has become electrified for the first time with its versions with rechargeable hybrid technology.

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Of course astra-e The variants, called the so-called variants, will be available all over the world from 2023. Therefore, for now, we see that it has entered our country with a total of 3 different engine options, 2 gasoline and 1 diesel.

Along with the design features of the Opel Astra model, its dimensions have also changed. We see that the vehicle has a length of 4,374 mm and a width of 1,860 mm. Luggage volume is 422 liters. But with the rear seats folded down, it goes up to 1,250 liters.

Opel Astra

In addition, the new Astra has 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmission options. When we look at the engine options of the versions of the vehicle sold in our country, we see two options: 130 HP gasoline and 130 HP diesel. However, as we mentioned, new hybrid options with a power of 225 HP that can be charged as of next year will also come.

The price of the new Opel Astra 2022 is as follows:

Engine / Transmission Equipment Recommended Turnkey Price
EDITION 668 thousand 900 TL
774 thousand 900 TL
844 thousand 900 TL
894 thousand 900 TL
924 thousand 900 TL
1.5 130 HP DIESEL
EDITION 824 thousand 900 TL
Options Equipment Level Recommended Turnkey Price
Metallic Color All Hardware 10 thousand TL
Black Ceiling elegance 5 thousand TL
Wireless charging GS 2 thousand 500 TL

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