There’s a Harry Potter wind in Bim tomorrow. Those who miss these products will regret it! Here is the current catalog of Bim September 9

Has the highly anticipated Bim Friday, September 9 catalog been published? Which products will be offered to Bim this week, at what price? Here is the current catalog of Bim September 9 with all its details…

Bim, which is followed with great interest and curiosity by the citizens, won the appreciation of shopping lovers with the release of its 9 September catalogue. Here is the current catalog of Bim September 9th…


Fakir vacuum cleaner 1.449 TL, Dijitsu 32 inch android tv 2.299 TL, Molinella double duvet cover 249 TL, Casilda home 2-piece bath mat set 129 TL, Dophia 2-pack patterned silicone pillow 119 TL, Alpina 3-piece set of knives and Chef knife 74.50 TL, Chef’s pan 89 TL, Single price kitchenware 16.50 TL, Square breakfast 69 TL, Lava soft drink glass 47.50 TL, Square glass bowl 49 TL, Mini ironing board 99 TL, Paşabahçe penguin water glass 69 TL, 2 hangers varieties will be sold for 8.50 TL, Patterned coffee glasses for 5.50 TL.



Painter’s set 59 TL, Speed ​​nitrile coated knitted gloves 9.75 TL, Painter’s spatula 19.50 TL, Control pen and electrical tape set 19.50 TL, Wooden handle hammer 34.50 TL, Steel wire brush 19.75 TL, Glass scraping apparatus + 3 spare blades 19.50 TL , Carpet anti-slip tape 19.50 TL, Acrylic siliconized double-sided tape 14.50 TL, 4+1 STAIRS 319 TL, Manual door lock 29.50 TL, Glass grille 10.50 TL, Spray paint 29.50 TL, Surge protection extension cable 129 TL, Single duct tape 12.50 TL It will take its place in the headlights.



Dijitsu 58 inch android tv 6.999 TL, Electric bike 6.999 TL, Redmi 10 4.499 TL, Redmi 9c 3.599 TL, Oppo a16 3.899 TL, Alcatel go1 1.299 TL, Security camera 999 TL, Mini screwdriver set 75 TL, Double battery screwdriver set 499 TL , Assembly repair kit 167 pieces 59 TL, Silicone gun + silicone 69 TL, 11-piece punch set 75 TL, Screwdriver set 5 pcs blister pack 64.50 TL, Tape measure 44.50 TL, Sink opening snap 34.50 TL, Allen key set of 9 The set will be sold for 69 TL, the toilet seat with child adapter for 89 TL.



Book-like safe box 129 TL, 2023 PLANNING AGENDA 79 TL, Placemat 12.50 TL, Desktop wooden pen holder 49 TL, 250 piece puzzle 27.50 TL, Piggy bank 12.50 TL, Surprise box 129 TL, Trinket note holder 27.50 TL, Door mat 89 TL, Mixed toys 44.50 TL, 70 piece puzzle 17.50 TL, Lelia baby with bike and scooter 119 TL, Roza baby wets 149 TL, 4-piece play dough 19.50 TL, Mixed activity books 14.50 TL, Plush bracelet 49 TL, Mixed stories 17.50 TL, Takçak 59.50 TL, Big kite 79 TL, Illuminated globe 129 TL.


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