Trakya Birlik sunflower base purchase price has been announced

In the statement made by Trakya Birlik, it has been decided to make an advance payment of 12 thousand TL/Ton for 40 percent oily base product to our producer partners in the 2022/2023 season, and the advance payment for the sunflower product with 44 percent oil content, which is the international contract rate, is 12 thousand 720 TL/. Ton, for 50 percent oily product, the advance payment will be applied as 13 thousand 800 TL/Ton.

The written statement made by Trakya Birlik is as follows:

“Within the framework of the market conditions formed by evaluating the current customs regime practices in our country, the world yield and expected price levels, the possible course of exchange rates, as well as the production costs of our producer partners and the expected income levels from the product, we provide our producer partners with 40 percent oil in the 2022/2023 season. It has been decided to make an advance payment of 12 thousand TL / Ton for the base product, the advance payment for the sunflower product with the international contract rate of 44 percent oil is 12 thousand 720 TL / Ton, the advance payment for the 50 percent oil product is 13 thousand 800 TL / Ton. will be applied. The pre-purchase price will be determined by evaluating the possible developments in favor of our producer partners in the above-mentioned parameters, and a difference payment will be made for all our partners who pour products over the pre-purchase price to be determined. In the purchases made according to the crude oil ratio, the products with an oil content of 41 percent or more will be considered as products with a high oil content, and a premium of 1.5 percent will be applied to the price of the product with a standard oil ratio of 40 percent for each percentage point increase.


The harvest, which started in the last quarter of August, intensifies day by day, and the country’s harvest is expected to be completed in the middle of October. Sunflower purchase in 108 purchasing centers and two factories belonging to our 48 cooperatives affiliated to our union has approached 100 thousand tons as of today. The product price payments to be bought by our association from the producer partners in the 2022/2023 production season will be made through our affiliated cooperatives within the framework of the payment program to be determined according to the delivery dates. We wish the 2022/2023 agricultural production season to be fruitful and beneficial for our country, our nation, our producer partners and all our farmers, and we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the master of the nation, the long-suffering Turkish farmer, who continues to produce for our country with great devotion under all conditions and conditions.”

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