Philosophy exchange with Jesus

Who hates foosball in the form of you to me, me to our boy;

I am a sports writer who has fought for years against the cowardly football, embellished with phrases such as “passing game” – “Having the ball” – “Balanced game” – “Don’t appreciate the ball”.

In this way, I am of course a supporter of the philosophy that does not deal with nonsense passes, does not waste time when the ball, which will eventually be inflated forward, passes from the fake goalkeeper to the stopper, makes my speaker brother say ‘Upright’ all the time, and aims to play forward with the tempo. I just thank Jorge Jesus for this philosophical change. Of course, organizational problems; There are some placement mistakes, I think there are player preference mistakes. But I agree with this philosophy.

Dynamo Kyiv has a technical man who specializes in slowing down the game, playing hard, stretching the opponent back and patiently chasing a single mistake. This job; Lucescu is the master of drawing conclusions from the dark sides of the game. Let alone positioning for 63 minutes against this team; Finishing the match by giving a total of 2 positions is a lesson to the cowardly pass football obsessed. Fenerbahce is in a very good position when it comes to pressing ahead. It is incomplete not to be able to produce positions in the flowing game. Not being able to see enough quality middle edge is incomplete, almost no center can be made from the left edge. It is not enough for such an athletic and tall team to take so many corners out of the love of passing. But these are okay. Philosophy is important. Fenerbahce will no longer play slurping ball. Physics will be fine. The recovery time will always be low. Set pieces will always have the potential to create danger.

Let’s come to the requirements for doing better;

1- Arda Güler instead of Rossi until morning; If he doesn’t, Irfan will play. However, Pedro’s quality becomes more evident.

2- Batshuayi plays instead of King on the left side. If not, King. Valencia would only be the first alternative to Pedro’s place. In other words, the combination of both athleticism and technique would be ideal with the Batsu-Pedro-Arda trio.

3- It is obvious that Crespo-Arao will be the ideal duo for tough matches. But especially in the home field, one of these two must be replaced with Zajc or MHY. Thus, position generation increases in the flowing game.

4- Osayi can also be tried on the right defender. With his athleticism and speed, he can be a better alternative to counter opponents, especially in the inner court.

5- The foreigner restriction will be lifted next year. A class A goalkeeper should definitely be taken. Until then, I do not know whether Altay will be hired as a private coach or the goalkeeper coach will be replaced, but it will not be a goalkeeper who gets the first shot at the goal. In 3 Kyiv games, there will never be a great goalkeeper who eats 3 of a total of 8 accurate shots. The only time the team got the game dominance was 10 minutes after the ridiculously conceded goal. The morale of the whole team plummeted.

6- Production increases with Zajc – Batsu – Pedro and Arda (İrfan). In home games, these fours are much more accurate.

7- In January, efforts should be made to add a backup and a right-back to Alioski in advance.


Philosophy change is very nice.

The energy of the stands is very good.

The players’ request is very nice.

The energy of the club and the teamwork is very good.

It is also very nice that Michy – Pedro almost scored in their first match..

In order to increase these beauties, individual simple mistakes will not be made and Jesus will now figure out how to include Arda Güler in this game.

The team is open. The group also gained an advantage. It would be great if the match against Rennes, the influential team of the group, is won. There is 1 week until that game and there is no league game this week. It should work well. National meanwhile will increase in chemistry.

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