The price of a thousand cubic meters of natural gas in Europe may rise to 4 thousand dollars

Gazprom’s President Aleksey Miller said that the price of one thousand cubic meters of natural gas, which is currently around 3 thousand dollars in Europe, could reach 4 thousand dollars at the peak of the autumn and winter periods.

The energy crisis that started after the Ukraine-Russia war It hit Europe.

The crisis, which has already made itself felt, is expected to peak in the winter months.

According to the news of AA, the Russian energy company Gazprom in a written statement, Statement of the President of the Republic, Aleksey Miller, on the subject was included.

“Incomes are increasing despite low supply”

Explaining that Gazprom has produced 288.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas as of this year, Miller said, “While 154.7 billion cubic meters of this was supplied to the domestic market, 82.2 billion cubic meters was shipped to countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States.” said.

Emphasizing that exports to the foreign market have decreased, Miller said, “Despite the decline in gas supplies to foreign markets, our calculations show that Gazprom’s financial results will be significantly higher for our 2022 revenue than 2021.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that there are significant changes in the natural gas markets, Miller said, “As we said earlier, the reasons for this are the wrong decisions and enforcement policies of Western regulators.” said.

“A thousand cubic meters of natural gas can be 4 thousand dollars”

Stating that there has been a “rally” in natural gas prices in Europe, Miller said, “Natural gas price regularly hovers above the band of 3000 dollars per thousand cubic meters. At the peak of the autumn and winter period (Europe), natural gas prices may exceed 4000 dollars per thousand cubic meters.” made its assessment.

Pointing out that Asia is also in competition with Europe in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Miller said that seasonal effects also put pressure on prices in Asia.

“Europeans decided to stockpile wood”

Expressing that Europe’s climate agenda has also been shelved, Miller said, “We can see how sharply the consumption of coal and gasoline has increased in Europe. Even more interesting is the increase in demand for firewood. Everyone has decided to stock up on firewood. No one is thinking about the environmental agenda. Everyone is thinking about how to spend the next winter.” used the phrases.

Miller added that Russia’s natural gas shipments to China increased by 60 percent in the eight months of the year compared to the same period last year.

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