Ilkay Akkaya’s Mardin concert was also banned!

Mardin Governorship, artist Ilkay Akkayaannounced that the concert that will be held on the open stage of Kamor Millet Bahçesi amphitheater on September 24 is not allowed.

Mardin Deputy Governor Abdullah Demirbağ signed a statement, “24 In September 2022, it was reported by our Governorship, with our letter of interest (b), that based on the permission requests for the organization of a concert event by the artist Ilkay Akkaya on the open stage of the Kamor Millet Bahçesi amphitheater.‘ it was said.

The following statements were used in the statement:

  • However, as it was determined as a result of the researches carried out in the national media that some of the members of the artist team carried out activities in a way that praised the PKK/KCK terrorist organization ringleader, the holding of the said concert was not deemed appropriate by our Governor’s Office.


İlkay Akkaya shared the statement of the Mardin Governorship on his social media account.

In Akkaya’s message, “Another one has been added to the bans and will obviously multiply. I’ve experienced this hundreds of times over 34 years. I sang only the songs of equality, justice, love and freedom in every stage I was on. I tried to convey this feeling to the widest possible area. From now it is happening like this. This is my way and I will never give up‘ he said.


The Ilkay Akkaya concert to be organized by Adana Ceyhan Municipality on August 30 Victory Day was also banned by the Ceyhan District Governor’s Office on the grounds of general security, public order, security and public order.


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