Cancellation application for the Reserve League from the Association of Clubs to the TFF

The Association of Clubs Foundation applied to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to stop the Reserve League organization.

In the statement made by the foundation, it was stated that the request for the B team application was shared with the previous TFF Board of Directors several times in order for young players in the Super League teams to play matches with high difficulty levels in a competitive environment, to gain experience and improve themselves.

In the statement, it was stated that the newly elected TFF President and management did not remain indifferent to this demand from the clubs and that the long-awaited “Reserve League” organization was implemented as a result of intense work, the following statements were included:

“However, at the point reached today, many of our Super League clubs, which are having difficulties even to survive financially, cannot even find a field where the Reserve League teams can play their matches, in addition to many more logistics and operational problems, the management of the Clubs Union Foundation has requested the cancellation of the Reserve League organization. “In the light of all these developments, our application regarding the suspension of the Reserve League application, which we demanded to be implemented at the beginning of the season, for this season and for the situation to be consulted again later for the coming seasons, has been submitted to the Turkish Football Federation. We present the issue to the public with our wishes that it will be met with understanding.”

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