The decision to bring Mehmet Ali Erbil by force!


Nuray Kaya, Mehmet Ali Erbil’s assistant, also testified as a witness, “Madam, she reached out to Mehmet Ali Erbil on Instagram and offered to play in the music video. Mehmet Ali Erbil accepted the offer. The first clip was shot. After the shooting of the second clip, the team had dinner as a team. They invited me. Then they gave up. The lady asked Mehmet Ali Erbil to come alone. I said, ‘Don’t go alone.’ “The defendant said that the complainant called him and took inappropriate photos. So I took the phone and texted him, ‘If you want, come and sleep in my bosom tonight.’ He sent a few more inappropriate photos. The next day, he disclosed the messages,” he said. When the judge asked who wrote the message, “I want to sleep next to you tonight,” Kaya said, “I wrote this message. He said, ‘Mr. Mehmet Ali, write such a message,’ and I wrote it. The accused requested me to write a message.” The judge adjourned the hearing, deciding to bring the accused Mehmet Ali Erbil by force, despite the duly served notice, and to send a notification to Ece Ronay Bilir’s current address.

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