Number hiding period begins on WhatsApp! Get ready for hidden tricks

Number hiding period on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging networks all over the world, is making a name for itself with various updates. WhatsApp, which has made improvements with innovations, has started testing its new feature. Wanting to offer a better experience to its users, WhatsApp launched two new features. According to the latest information received, the option to hide the number will be added to the application.


According to the news of WABetaInfo, which shares updates on WhatsApp; It was stated that the beta update to the WhatsApp Desktop version will have a number hiding feature. In the past days, it was stated that users can hide their numbers when communicating with their business accounts.

Screenshots from the beta test gave information about how the number hiding feature will work. As seen in the screenshot, users will be able to find out if their number is visible to the other party when communicating with their business account.

This feature, which is seen in the Desktop version of WhatsApp Beta, is expected to come to all platforms in the coming days. The official release date of the number hiding feature, which is still under development, is unknown.


Another feature WhatsApp is working on is the poll chat. According to the information shared by WABetaInfo; WhatsApp will provide surveys to users to provide feedback on products, new features, and more. Users will have the option to turn off poll chats.

While the answers given in the surveys will not affect the experience of the users in any way, the company will make improvements in the application according to the feedback. This chat survey will be sent to users via WhatsApp’s official profile.


As you can see in the screenshot below, there will be a new option within the chat information that will let us know if our phone number is visible to the business.

This system, which was also detected during the development of WhatsApp beta, shows that WhatsApp continues to work on this feature on all its platforms.

The development of the hide number feature in WhatsApp does not include always hiding your phone number when communicating with businesses, in some cases it can be hidden when contacting the business via an advertisement. So you can choose to point more than once.