Terrorist targets in Asos were hit like this… Images shared


Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made a statement to reporters in Şırnak yesterday. AsosHe shared the information that the terror nests in Turkey were hit by air strikes. Oil lampDetails of the operation, which was carried out in the region to the south of Turkey, in which the planes entered 140 kilometers beyond the border and destroyed the targets, emerged.

Terrorist targets in Asos were hit like this... Images shared


As a result of the operation carried out by the planes of the Air Force Command, 16 targets including shelters, bunkers, caves, tunnels, ammunition depots and the so-called headquarters in Asos, which was used as a base by terrorists, were destroyed.

Terrorist targets in Asos were hit like this... Images shared


As in other operations, only terrorists and their targets were hit with the operation, which was very sensitive both in the planning and execution stages. In addition to warplanes, tanker planes, Airborne Warning Control (HIK) aircraft and UAVs also took part in the operation.


After the targets were determined with the intelligence studies, the button was pressed for the air operation. With the order for the operation, the planes took off from 3 different bases across the country and simultaneously struck targets at Asos, 140 kilometers deep from the Iraqi border.

Terrorist targets in Asos were hit like this... Images shared

16 targets in the region were destroyed in the air operation, in which more than 10 aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles and tanker aircraft, took part. Multiple explosions occurred one after the other at some of the targets belonging to the terrorists hit by the operation where the planes refueled in the air. In addition, a place where the so-called leaders of the terrorist organization had a meeting was hit by air strikes.class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar announced the move to Asos yesterday to the journalists in Şırnak with the following words:
“Where are the terrorists, that’s our target. 2 days ago TAF 140 kilometers in. In Asos, 16 terrorists hit and destroyed their caves, bunkers, shelters and so-called command posts with great success and this will continue. My village guard brothers are also here in these activities. They also know this business very well. They are well aware of this. In fact, Mehmetçik has entered and exited all of the places that were previously considered inaccessible, and everything that was said to be inaccessible.


Terrorist targets in Asos were hit like this... Images shared

While doing this, we have paid great attention both during the planning and execution phases in order not to harm civilian citizens, innocent people, historical sites, religious buildings and the environment. We showed sensitivity that no army would show. We continue to show. We carry out all our activities within the framework of international law and legitimacy. There is no question of occupying, occupying, in any way our land.”


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