Last minute: All eyes are on the Kremlin! Annexation ceremony in Moscow… Flash statements from Putin


ukraine war PutinIt entered a new phase with the move of .

It took a referendum decision in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia and voted out of the ballot box.RussiaThe decision to ‘connect to’ was made.


The annexation ceremony, which Russia announced yesterday, has begun. Headlines from Putin’s statements are as follows;

Referendums were held in Duma members and citizens of the Russian federation Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. The people made their decision. This is the will of millions of people. This is their right. Their first right, enshrined in article 1 of the United Nations Charter, is the right to decide their own destiny.


We will sign for the connection of 4 regions to Russia. This is a fundamental human right and a historical right.

It is the right of civilians, the elderly and women who have been subjected to the terrorist attack of the Kyiv regime. It is the choice of people from different ethnic backgrounds. I applaud the commanders. All of our soldiers who lost their lives in a special operation to defend our people in the region are real heroes.


Let’s honor the great heroes of Russia with a minute of silence. The people in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson have made their decision. They maintained their allegiance to Russia. No one can change this. Neither the Ukrainian West can take away our unity and our common future.

Last minute: All eyes are on the Kremlin. Annexation ceremony in Moscow... Flash statements from Putin

The Soviet Union no longer exists. We do not live in the past. Russia does not need this. We do not want them to return to the Soviet Union. But he saw the cries for help of millions of people who saw themselves in Russia. We have seen that no one can stand in the way of their desire to join their homeland. They were the target of bombs, terror, torture.


They frightened the polling officials here, threatened people, but people showed their will without fear. I want everyone to remember this. People in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson have been our citizens forever. We will not discuss the future of the people of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson.


This decision has been made and Russia will not discuss this decision. The will of the people here must be respected. We will defend our lands using all our means. We will use everything we have for our citizens here. We will rebuild schools and social facilities here. Together we will ensure security. As in all our regions, we will ensure that people here live in safety.

Last minute: All eyes are on the Kremlin. Annexation ceremony in Moscow... Flash statements from Putin

I want to address our soldiers who participated in our special operation. I want to tell those who join the army voluntarily who is the enemy. I want the Ukrainian people to see what their rulers want for humanity.



They thought we would collapse, they thought Russia would despair, but Russia is right again. The West is trying to take this country from us with all the means at their disposal. We will never bow to the West. We, as Russia, did not collapse, we are standing, as always, we are standing upright. For this reason, they are trying to destroy the sovereignty of Russia.

The United States has no other goal than to take away the freedom of all countries. Some countries are under fear and pressure. All they want is to profit from the whole world. The reason for this war is that the West does not want Russia to be free. They want us to be slaves to them like a colony.



Our well-being is a threat to them. We want Russia to flourish. I’m saying it once again. Efforts to take over the world failed many times with the efforts of the Russian people. We will continue to protect our people. Our enemies think their actions will have no consequences. Global agreements are no longer respected.

They think we’re stupid, they want to make fools of us. Thousands of years of Russian civilization will never bow to anyone else.

Last minute: All eyes are on the Kremlin. Annexation ceremony in Moscow... Flash statements from Putin

We see anti-Russianism in the world and in the West. We see hostility to Russian culture. Let alone accepting their own past crimes, they place them on others. How the USA destroyed the Indians, they do not accept their inhumane steps towards China. We have always been against them.


Our country has always stood firm against the colonialist movement. The situation you see today is because we did not allow our country to become a colony.


Many interventions against Russia were planned. At the end of the 20th century, the West succeeded in attacking us. They said friends, they said partners, but they always tried to treat us like colonies.

The western order is certainly not free. It is hypocritical and full of lies. The United States is the only country to have used nuclear weapons. There was no logic to what they had done in the past. There was no reason to destroy cities with atomic bombs. Their only aim is to destroy Russia as they destroyed their enemies.

They say we must provide food to poor countries, but this food goes to the West. Only 5 percent go to poor countries. They are empowering themselves by using tragedy. They know that the US rejects Russian energy and industry. They only want the European market for themselves.

‘They see us as enemies’

They’re blowing up an international pipeline. Everyone knows who this benefits. The USA draws its own laws. But the fate and the underlying idea are the same. We’re talking about hundreds of military bases. NATO is expanding. They make military connections. They automatically see us as enemies. They speak of so-called sobriety, drifting from one tragedy to another.

Even our closest neighbors surprised us. The West has been doing this for a long time. They plan to rebuild the world on their own terms with sanctions on Russia. However, we have seen that this is not so. Right now everything is running on blackmail. These methods are applied deliberately. Their self-confidence also causes them to be surprised. The real knowledge in the West is this: The more they tell a lie, the more true it becomes.

We need food, and the energy supply here is key. They have to persuade their citizens in Europe to dress thicker. Why did they come to this? Western elites are not taking any constructive steps to resolve the energy crisis. It’s their fault. We don’t want to solve this problem unfairly, but this is the solution they know.

After the 1st and 2nd World Wars, a depression broke out. The strength of the dollar climbed, the situation got worse with the crisis in the 80s. The West has overcome this with the means at its disposal. Countries make up for their own deficiencies by stealing the welfare of others.


Ukraine, which will hold an official ceremony for the 4 regions that have decided to join Russia, received a response from Ukraine in the past hours.


Ukraine and the West describe the votes as “fake” and stress that the results will never be recognized.

US President Joe Biden said this morning that the US would “never, never, never” recognize Russia’s attempt to annex Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that the annexation of any country’s territory by force is against the UN Charter and international law.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss, on the other hand, emphasized that Russia’s decision by using brute force would not change international law and announced that they would not recognize the results of the referendum.