Sedat Peker exit from Erdogan and Bahceli

President Tayyip Erdoganspoke at the 2022-2023 Judicial Year Opening held at the Court of Cassation. In his speech without name Sedat Peker Speaking about his revelations, Erdogan said: “On the other hand, unfortunately, someone is trying with all their might to sacrifice our country’s justice system to the dirty tricks of criminal gangs whose connections are more or less guessed. We will never allow such disgrace to anyone we come across. The State of the Republic of Turkey is under the guidance of dark circles. “Everyone will see and accept that there is no country in which a direction is drawn. Everyone in this country will fight within the framework of law and, most importantly, moral rules. Every effort to the contrary, every coercion, every provocation, every speculation, every rumor is the greatest evil done to our country.” said.

Bahçeli: After chasing social media disclosures…

Chairman of the MHP Devlet Bahceli On the other hand, in the statement he made after the MYK meeting at his party’s headquarters, he did not name again, but he made remarkable statements about Sedat Peker, who is on trial for being a gang leader. garden, “The helplessness and opportunism of the opposition parties, which are eager to gain profit and profit by chasing social media disclosures, are too advanced to be covered up anymore” said. Bahceli said:

“Recent developments have shown that it is essential to control social media.

Making people’s private lives a political material is a grave immorality. If politics produces factions, not services, it is very difficult to get over it. If there is a crime and if the criminal is determined, what to do about it is clear by the provisions of the current legislation.

It is obvious that extrajudicial executions are incompatible with the principles of democracy and law. The impotence and opportunism of the opposition parties, which are eager to collect profits and profits by chasing social media disclosures, are too advanced to be covered up anymore.

In addition to our social peace, our unity and security will not be destroyed in the bottomless pits of social media.

Determining to get results with FETO’s methods, to design politics and to tarnish the 2023 elections, I warn, is a dark attempt that no one can succeed.

Those who tend to provocation after provocation through social media will not be able to put a stone before Turkey. The CHP Chairperson, who set up the main headquarters of the provocation, by making the acrobat look out for him by saying, ‘We will be exposed to all kinds of provocations in the coming months’, should definitely return to the borders of political decency. He should keep in mind that his reckless and brazenness will not bring anything to the political struggle. 2023 will indeed be the year of end and liquidation for Kılıçdaroğlu, who confesses the end of his political life in his own words.

Everything is clear as day. He is no longer in a position to hide or even run away.”

Resignation after allegations against Saray

After Peker’s allegations reaching the Palace, the first resignation came from Korkmaz Karaca, a member of the Presidential Economic Policy Board. Karaca, one of the names involved in Sedat Peker’s disclosures, stated in his resignation statement. “This lynching, which has reached my beautiful daughter and wife, has now become a threat to my health again” made statements.

He took part in Peker’s allegations.

Organized crime leader Sedat Peker expressed many allegations about Korkmaz Karaca in his posts on 25 June 2021. Peker “Doncu pheasant’s friend, fearless karaca, how did you become the owner of one of the super luxury villas in Çekmeköy in 4-5 years while you were living in an ordinary house in Maltepe?” He shared the following about Karaca:

‘How did you get this wealth?’

How did you reach this wealth when you were signaling from all CHP names, especially Ünal Erzek, the former mayor of Bakırköy, 5-6 years ago (I will tell you)? How did you come to be able to stay at Maxx Royals and Vogue hotels more than your own home (the prices of those hotels are certain)?

‘I was not part of such dishonor’

How did you take over the job when Deniz Baykal’s ex-pimps withdrew after the tape incident? My brothers and sisters, the reason why he wanted to meet with me was because the family of one of the girls he brought to Deniz Baykal knew. He wanted to reach me by putting my closest people together so that I could talk to this family in Antalya about this issue (It would not be correct to give the name of the girl and her family). Of course, I was not a part of such dishonor.

President – Baikal meeting

Because Deniz Baykal was aware of this situation, it fell into his hands. Of course, it was Korkmaz Karaca who coordinated the meeting of President Deniz Baykal with the hospital through Hasan Doğan. All of Turkey already knows his next rise. Fancy sülüs, if you have a gram of honor, you will arrest this man for bribery and bullshit. Korkmaz Karaca, do you know why I did this to you? Even though he was wrong in the fancy pheasant’s case with me, you worked in his favor.