Scandalous event in the national match! – News 7 Basketball

While losing to Georgia 88-83 in the third match of EuroBasket 2022, A National Team objected to the result after the match.

Our National Team objected to the result of the match as the match time continued in the position where Furkan Korkmaz and Duda Sanadze had an argument.

In the position where Furkan Korkmaz and Sanadze were disqualified, the match time was not stopped with 4.48 remaining. The game continued with 4.26 minutes remaining.

They attacked Furkan Korkmaz

While Furkan Korkmaz was going to the dressing room corridor, it was noticed that many people from both the national team delegation and the security staff were running towards here.

Hakan Demir, the coach of our National Basketball Team, explained what happened in those moments.

Speaking at the press conference due to the dismissal of Ergin Ataman due to his objection to the referee’s decision, Hakan Demir said: “After Furkan Korkmaz’s disqualification, 2-3 players of the opposing team as well as security guards attacking our player and our conditioner is not something that will turn into a fight. It is not acceptable for us.” made the statement.

Ömer Onan: They will bring the cameras in front of us

After the match, Deputy President of Turkish Basketball Federation Ömer Onan made important statements.

Ömer Onan’s explanations are as follows:

“I’m calling FIBA ​​from here”

“I’m calling out to FIBA ​​from here, they will bring all the cameras in that corridor in front of us minute by minute. If they don’t, we will withdraw from the tournament. We would officially fight each other with the Georgian police.”

“They will bring the cameras in front of us”

“They will bring the cameras in front of us, we will look at it. All our players are very valuable to us, we played the tournament, it was never like this. It’s all FIBA’s fault!”

“We talked to the President of Hidayet”

“We talked to the President, Hidayet. Security come, obviously they won’t protect them. They will bring all the cameras, let’s see what happened. There is a rule error in the match. There is nothing to hold back, no matter how you look at it.”

“FIBA is entirely responsible for this”

“The players who didn’t play come and attack us in the corridor at the end of the match. The police claim to protect us but they push us. I became a player, I’ve never seen anything like it. FIBA ​​is totally responsible for this.”

“There is clearly a rule error in the match”

“There was clearly a rule mistake in the match. The captain objected, we will pay for it. There was a rule mistake in the Lithuania match, too, but I don’t know if they will repeat it in the tournament. After the match, the captain signed, we will see the process.”