Transfer statement from Okan Buruk in Galatasaray! Mauro Icardi and Kaan Ayhan…


Galatasaray‘in Okan Burukevaluated the match in which they beat Gaziantep FK with 2 goals in the 5th week of the Super League.

Criticizing the referee’s decisions, Okan Buruk said, “Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu directed a very bad match. Once so much time was spent and this was allowed… Do not slow down the game so much, do not allow this much. I do not blame Günay here. He needs to manage. If you can’t manage, you won’t play or be appointed to such matches.” he said.

Emphasizing that the team won despite playing 10 players for a long time, Buruk said, “We had the ball at the beginning of the match, we played on the opponent’s field. We conceded a surprise goal. We scored the goal. We dominated the game again. What makes me really happy is the team with 10 players in the 45th minute; He dominated the game, played on the opponent’s field, put pressure, and got into position. Winning a match with 10 people was doubly pleasing for us, seeing that the team’s self-confidence was restored and even 10 people could win. That’s why I thank Yaşar Hoca.” said.



Noting that it was a match with many different stories, Buruk said, “On Monday night, there is only one game. Galatasaray tried to make the audience watch good things until the end. I don’t blame the opponent too much, it’s about spending time. There is a referee who manages the match here. He made a very wrong decision, he lost the match, this is different. but he allowed the opponent to take time out of the match. I do not blame the teams here, there is someone who is managing the match here. He did not warn even once. Besides him, of course, there were wrong decisions. A wrong red card. The referees gave us many things in the game, especially in the second half. It is important for me to evaluate the game, which is 11 to 10. There was a team that dominated and had the ball. I congratulate my players, I thank them. Our audience also fought with us. I want to thank them too. Today we showed the unity of the Galatasaray team on the field. 10 “It was important for us to win a game,” he said.


Talking with Sacha Boey about the events at the beginning of the season and the current performance of the player, Buruk said, “The Sacha incident is like this, Sacha was in that group when we started training on June 27. He came on July 4th. There was a delay of 1 week. Besides him, his former managers left the club. He had a desire to leave. He was not included in our camp squad because he came a week late while everyone else had arrived. We talked again in the next episode. He trained with our reserve team. Let’s say the old reserve team is gone now. It was under our control again, it spent a 1-month training period. There was a request from his own manager that he apologized to you and wanted to play again. So we called Sacha, he apologized to me. We included him in the team. He is performing very well. He has a good performance with the team. He was one of the best on the field today. “We give him the jersey,” he said.


Referring to the team’s difficulties in scoring goals, Okan Buruk said, “Everything is always talked about scoring goals. I would say you are right if we play a defensive game, but we dominate all the matches we play, we cannot throw the ball in. We showed this offensive game today as well. The players are getting in shape. We are already in position. “We are the team that scored the most points in the Ümraniyespor match of the week, we were criticized for scoring a goal at the last minute. Last year, we conceded too many goals. We play not to score a goal, but to score a goal, but of course not conceding a goal is also important,” he said.


Buruk expressed his opinion about Kerem Aktürkoğlu, “Kerem is one of our valuable players. He works very well, he works with good intentions. I am very happy with Kerem’s work. Sometimes there are such periods. There is a loss of self-confidence, when the league does not start well, it continues. Seferovic’ “The same thing happened in 2013. We know that they will come out again. Kerem will also go higher. I am responsible for the game he plays. We will make Kerem better, he will be better. I trust my player.”


Asked what he was talking about with the players at halftime after 10 players remained, Okan Buruk said, “The game we played in the 7-8 minutes of extra time in the first half was a test for us. We made the second half plan based on the opponent’s play. We played ahead. I focused more on that. Correct pressures. We did it, we squeezed the opponent well. We gave positions from the pass. We expected this before the match. We just built the game on winning. We took a centre-back. Then we took Mertens aside, he had an injury. At the last minute, 4 people went on the attack. When there were 10 people. This is also the case. something valuable,” he said.


Speaking about the referee of the match, Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, the experienced coach said: “When we saw Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu’s name before the match, we started to worry, I will not lie. He showed me a wrong red card again in the last match against Başakşehir. That performance did not surprise me. His communication is poor. He is a referee. Of course, Galatasaray Club has a memory from last year. It bothers us that it started the same way this year. Of course, there is an MHK and TFF again. VAR referees have received a different status. We do not want them to make mistakes, so we do not want them to make mistakes. We can’t figure out why it happened. We would make the right decision if 3 people sat down, we don’t understand why it couldn’t be made. Not only against us. But of course, we do not look for bad intentions in any way. Our wish is for the next matches to be better prepared, to concentrate more. My request is that the referees prepare how we prepare, so get ready.”


Okan Buruk stated that they had trouble in the middle of the side, “We experienced this a lot in the Giresun match. We are working on the hit of the middle of the side. It is important for the player to make the right decision. Where will he cut? There is a picture there, he can make the right decision if he takes the picture correctly, but this is a feature. “We are working on it, it will be even better. This is a problem for us,” he said.


Stating that the talks with Icardi and Kaan Ayhan continue and they think they will end in 2-3 days, Galatasaray Coach said, “We want to strengthen our squad with 2-3 more players. We thought there would be more options, but they don’t. I am lucky, both our president and our president. Mr. Erden and all of our managers are doing their best. As a coach, I am very lucky. We watch matches all the time. Apart from our own work, we are constantly watching players at the club,” he said.


When asked why Taylan Antalyalı did not play, Buruk said, “3 midfielders came this year. There were also leftovers from last year. Taylan is training for the success of Galatasaray, he is an important player in terms of personality and character. I have known him since he was 15 years old. He didn’t take part in the squad today. There will be a formation. He works well with us. He was in the game in the Antalyaspor match, then he couldn’t take the time. We have a lot of intensity there. We have young players. Hamza is an important player for us. Again, many players from the infrastructure can enter the squad. Sometimes like this. We can make decisions.”


Reminding that Emin Bayram played two matches in the Reserve League, Buruk said, “He made it better in this match, and we said, Emin played 2 matches. Emin is always in my mind, I see him as a player with the capacity to play in the first 11. He had an injury, He wasn’t with us for a while. It’s important for us to have good feet. He has a very good right foot. I’m very happy with his performance today. It was happening for the Reserve League players. We went so far ahead, we scored so many goals that they finished the Reserve League early. probably,” he said.


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