President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Announced! Applications Started

With the instruction given by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, good news for the tradesmen were listed.

The tradesmen were relieved by the instructions given by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the subject in the previous days. The good news that was announced one by one created satisfaction among the tradesmen. While helping the tradesmen whose business does not go unnoticed during the pandemic period, assistance will continue to be provided after the pandemic. While a total of 4 billion 622 million liras of support was given, the applications started. The application period will continue for one month. Applications to be made via e-state will be made according to the occupational codes.

Citizens who have problems in the application steps can get the necessary help from the tradesmen’s chambers. Support payments will be made to the accounts of eligible citizens.

5 Thousand TL Payment

Real person merchants will be able to benefit from the grant support by the state, along with the tradesmen and craftsmen who are income taxpayers. The grant, which will be given once, covers places such as coffee houses, cafes, tea gardens, student dormitories and canteens between 5 thousand and 3 thousand liras in 2 different groups.

3 Thousand TL Payment

There are two groups that can benefit from the amount of 3 thousand liras. There are places such as those operating in maintenance, repair, repair and bodywork, hardware, musicians, dry cleaning, car washes, peddlers, confectioners, toys, shoemakers, coppersmiths, locksmiths, tailors, and course business. Restaurants, patisseries, ice cream shops, tailors, barbers and marketers who benefited from the support were also included in this group.

It continues to support different types of tradesmen. Among the ongoing supports are a thousand lira income loss support for 4 months and 750 lira rental support in the metropolitan city and 500 lira in other cities. The economic activities in the first and second groups specified by the ministry can be viewed on the ministry’s website. Similar supports are available from other public institutions and organizations. It does not prevent those who benefit from these supports from benefiting from public sector support. It is possible to benefit from the supports given by public institutions and organizations by applying. Tradesmen citizens who need cash support can participate in the grant application.

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