Our Technical Director Okan Buruk: “We will do everything to reach our goals”

Our Technical Director Okan Buruk: “We will do everything to reach our goals”

Galatasaray Football A Team Coach Okan Buruk made evaluations to the broadcaster after the Konyaspor battle we won in Spor Toto Super League.

Our coach’s statements about the match are as follows:

“We played against a very organized team. They started today with three good feet and a traveling midfielder. Since we did not have dynamism, they passed us with very easy passes from time to time. This was something we didn’t want. We wanted pressure on our own court. We started with the goal. We wanted to continue that pressure, but from time to time we were passed by passes. Getting three points was very important. We finished the leader today. We scored two goals against a team that didn’t concede. We beat the leader of the league and became the leader. These are valuable and important.”

“Last week, both the game and the score made me more happy. Even though the numbers show us the upper hand this week, we are aware that we need to be better. We could have done better on offense. Pass selections, runs behind the defense… In the second goal we scored, Leo’s effective run and Mauro’s attack on the goal in the penalty area brought us the goal. We could have done this kind of meeting more accurately. As a result, we got the win we wanted. We made our fans happy. We will intervene. We will have a preparation process. Last week, 5 players joined the team. Although many of them go to the national team, we will see our shortcomings. We are happy to get in the middle by winning.”


At the start of the season, our goal was to be the leader and lead this team to the championship. Galatasaray is a team with the most stars and won trophies in Europe. Galatasaray has a championship in their genes. Our away games were too many and we had a tough time in this fixture. Right now, we need to develop a lot more as a game. We will do our best to be in the championship race. There is excitement. Our fans are happy outside. We want to keep their enthusiasm going. There are teams that want to win the championship with us. This season is going to be tough. Konyaspor is a very good team. They showed it last year. Apart from the teams playing for the championship, I have to say that teams like Adana Demirspor may be in this race. It started very well in Başakşehir. The Big Four are ambitious. A good season awaits us. We will go week by week and will do everything to reach our goals.”

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