King Charles III, who was angry that the ink of the pen was leaking, was given a pen in Wales

It was seen that a woman presented a pen to King Charles III, who made his first visit to Wales as the new monarch of England, during his meeting with the public.

It was heard that the woman who gave the pen and the people around her said to King Charles III, who was surprised when he first received the gift and could not understand it, “just in case”.

The gift of the pen caused the laughter of King Charles III and those in the field.


King Charles III was seen getting angry with the ink leaking from the pen he used at a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland, where he went to visit on September 13, after his accession to the throne.

In a video broadcast live from his visit to Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, King Charles III said that after his visit, he mistakenly entered the date of September 12 in the guest book instead of September 13.

King Charles III, after reminding his wife Camilla that he signed the wrong date, was angry that the pen in his hand was leaking ink, “I can’t stand this damn thing.” he said.

In the video, it was seen that King Charles III left the room after getting ink on his hand and his wife Camilla signed the book.

King Charles III was seen before, while signing at the enthronement ceremony, giving instructions to his assistants to empty the place where he would put his hand on the table with an angry expression, and these moments became the agenda on social media.

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