Is Jorge Jesus slipping? The news that scared Fenerbahelis


A surprising claim was made about Fenerbahe’s successful coach Jorge Jesus. A clear response to the allegations about the future of the Portuguese employee was not delayed.

According to the report of the Portuguese press, Record, it was claimed that Jorge Jesus was not happy in Fenerbahe and it was stated that the experienced trainer could return to Brazil after his contract expired.

However, it was also among the allegations that Jorge Jesus was already in talks with Atletico Mineiro.


However, according to the news in ESPN, Atletico Mineiro handle officials stated that the allegations did not reflect the truth, and that the information put forward was only “speculation”.


The goal of Fenerbahçe Minister Ali Ko is to renew Jorge Jesus’ contract during the break given to the leagues for the World Cup to be held in Qatar. The Portuguese coach’s contract with the Yellow-Navy Blue team will expire in June 2023.

Jorge Jesus frtnas continues in Fenerbahe. The Portuguese Coach managed to make a big impact on the Yellow-Navy Blue team in a short period of only 4 months. Thanks to the football played alongside the successful results, Jesus, who got the support of the fans in a short time, provided flexibility in terms of tactics and formation. The experienced player has also made Fenerbahe one of the top scorers in Europe.