500 billion euros and Europe’s dilemma

Europe’s respected think tanks, which started in 2021 and deepened with the Russia-Ukraine War in 2022, global energyji price rise and energy supply crisisThey’re trying to calculate how much it has cost European capitals so far. Resource mobilized so far to protect households and businesses, homes and factories from the expensive price of energy 500 billion euros is envisaged. The leading economists and experts of Europe, 500 billion euros that Europe had to spend in the last 1 year, if Russia’s annexation of Crimea, 2014Since Europe’s ‘green energy transformation‘ and they say that if energy was used for resource diversification, the story would be different today, and we would be talking about a Europe that has put the energy crisis out of its agenda.
Brussels-based think tank BruegelThe data gathered by . 178.6 billion euroGermany’s 100.2 billion euros, Italy 59.2 billion euros, France 53.6 billion euros, Spain 35.5 billion euros, Poland 10.6 billion euros, Austria 8 0.9 billion euros, Romania 6.9 billion euros, Greece and Denmark 6.8 billion euros, the Netherlands 6.2 billion euros, Belgium 4.1 billion euros, the Czech Republic 2.9 billion euros euro, Croatia 2.4 billion euro, Bulgaria 1.8 billion euro, Sweden 1.6 billion euro, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia 1.1 billion euro, Slovakia 1 billion euro, Ireland It confirms that Turkey has allocated 700 million euros, Finland 500 million euros, Slovenia 400 million euros, Malta and Estonia 200 million euros.
Two moves came from the European Union Commission. First move last week. Within the scope of the contingency plan for the energy crisis, limiting the revenues of low-cost electricity producers, receiving excessive contributions from fossil fuel companies, reducing electricity demand by curbing thermostats in buildings, and providing liquidity to energy companies that reflect energy prices to their customers with a limited margin, making losses between the price they buy and the price they sell. is aimed. As a matter of fact, the projected to be obtained from the emergency aid plan 140 billion euros The resource will also be made available to households and businesses to offset the increase in energy costs. However, the increase in energy costs is so drastic that iron-steel, fertilizer, aluminum, machine European companies working in sectors that need to use a high amount of energy in production, such as the European companies, have been taking a break for a certain period of time or indefinitely.
For this reason, in order to prevent a heavy disruption in industrial production in Europe and not leave households without natural gas and electricity, the energy ministers of EU member states will meet in Brussels next Friday to discuss the measures to be taken against the increase in electricity and natural gas prices and the topics in the current package of measures. They will also hold an extraordinary meeting. Another move of the EU Commission, dated 19 September fertilizerrelay, animal feed, with wood productri, cement and coal with other solid fossil fuel productsIt lifted the ban on the import and transportation of Russia from Russia. Because, if the supply of fertilizers from Russia and Ukraine, as well as the grain corridor, does not start, a significant agricultural production threat awaits the whole world.