I’m afraid that I will gain weight in Hatay

Volkan Demirel, the new coach of Ataka Hatayspor, which is in the last row of Spor Toto Sper Lig, said, “There is a difficult time here, but it can take.” said.

Demirel thanked him for being given the task of technical director at the press conference he held with the club managers at Yeni Hatay Stadium.

Explaining that the people in Hatay were honored by the way they treated him and approached him, Demirel said, “We came here with the team. It’s like we’ve been living here for a long time. The feeling and synergy for us made us very happy. We had information about Hatayspor. We did our research. We did our analysis. The environment here is better when people see it.” We understood that we were in the right place and that we made the right decision. Thank God, it will be a beautiful time for both the club and Turkish football. We know what we can do. I hope we will move forward with confident steps by taking our teammates together to the best of our ability.” used the expressions

Demirel continued his words by emphasizing that they came to Hatay to be successful:

“When we are all together with the fans, our path will be shorter and better. From the first match, including away games, our brothers, sisters, uncles, brothers and grandfathers, who can come from 7 to 70, we welcome everyone to our stadium. I don’t claim to win every game, but I can promise that we will fight to win every game. “We will be a team focused on winning. We will fight with the team that at least fights on the field and does not collapse when it enters shoulder to shoulder. The team is very happy right now. Everyone is taking it. It was a good opportunity to win among the national team. Our entire goal is to come here by winning the Sivasspor man.” “


Volkan Demirel, on a question about the players, explained that he did not find it right to talk personally and said, “I look at it as a team. Every football player is important to me. Every football player will be able to play. Maybe you will see a young player who could not play for 5-6 weeks, then he will be able to play in the first 11. Considered the most valuable. The player can be seated if the salary is not suitable for the plan. Some of the new transfers have injury problems. We have 1 week ahead. We would like to benefit if they are ready until the salary. Kevin Soni had surgery. He also wants to qualify for the World Cup. 2 or 2.5 months It needs something like that.” he residence.

When it was stated that it would be outside of Istanbul for the first time, Demirel noted the following:

“Yes, I was away from Istanbul for the first time, but I don’t feel anything like that here because he wants to invite me to his home every day. He wants to eat every day. I am afraid that I will gain weight too. They make me feel the warmth of relatives in every environment. I am very happy to be here. Hatayspor “The squad structure in Turkey may seem inadequate for you from the outside, but I don’t look at football that way. There are details. I have 2 eyes, together with my team, we have 16 eyes. When we were coming here at 16, we saw that there was a team that was suitable for us, a team that could work out our game plan.” There’s a tough time here, but it can take.”


Hatayspor Honorary Minister Ltf Sava also reminded that Volkan Demirel and his team started to work with the team since the day of the car last week.

Thanking Serkan Zbalta and his team for their contribution, Sava said, “We went to 6 matches and we had abruptness. We could only get 1 point. We wanted a change in blood. We looked at the successes of our teacher Volkan last year. He is a successful teacher. He also followed us. He believes in the strength of the team. Good luck to both our teacher and our community. Thank God, our fans, who have been successful for 7 years since Sivasspor, begin to smile.” used the expressions

Handle Minister Nihat Tazearslan stated that he sincerely believes that Volkan Demirel will be successful.

Deputy Minister of Handle Aydn Toksz also noted that their trust in Demirel and his team is endless.

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