Orhan Pamuk’s ‘I’m afraid’ words in the German press

In his interview, Pamuk, who made statements such as “I’m afraid”, criticized the government and President Erdoğan, and received wide coverage in the German press.

The statements of Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk to the government caught the attention of the German press…

German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten carried Pamuk’s interview with Murat Sabuncu on T24 to its agenda.

In the article written by Susanne Güsten; Pamuk has been described as ‘a world-renowned writer and someone who has achieved everything a writer can achieve’.

The article frequently featured Pamuk’s criticisms of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Pamuk accuses Erdogan

In the article, which includes Pamuk’s statements, stating that ‘there is oppression and arbitrariness in Turkey’, “It can’t get any worse than this, he says. Pamuk accuses President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government of sadistically prosecuting those who think differently.” it was said.

“He was declared a terrorist in the events of 1915”

Newspaper, “Pamuk expresses his belief that the Erdogan era is coming to an end and says we have left the worst time behind. The 70-year-old writer is a figure of hatred for nationalists in his own country. Pamuk was tried in 2005 on charges of insulting Turkishness for speaking about the (alleged) Armenian Genocide.

His trial was halted upon the objection of Erdogan’s government, which was on the EU reform route at that time. Pamuk received the Nobel Prize in Literature a year later as the first Turkish writer. Since Pamuk has criticized the fragmentation of democracy in Turkey in recent years, Erdogan has labeled him a terrorist.” made statements.

“I am scared”

He quoted the following words of the German newspaper Pamuk in an interview he gave to T24, stating that he had spoken fearfully throughout his life;

“But I am not as afraid as I used to be, and I think I am justified in being afraid. I am not brave, I am afraid, but I speak fearfully. Because I’m more afraid of not speaking at all.”

Orhan Pamuk's words I'm afraid #1 in the German press