Famous singer Haluk Levent received an unexpected response from the Governor of Adana! Adana…

Confused Haluk! He got an unexpected response from the Governor.

Haluk Levent, Adana Thinking that he was invited to Adana for the invitation of the Governor Süleyman Elban within the scope of Adana Taste Days in Istanbul, he took his breath in the city.

Levent, who went to Adana upon invitation, called the governor to find out where the breakfast was, and a misunderstanding emerged.

He was surprised when he learned that the organization was held in Ortaköy, Istanbul. Haluk Leventtold what happened in the posts he published on his Twitter account.


Haluk Levent made the following statements in his social media post:

Two days ago, Adana Governor Mr. Elban called.
– We are giving a breakfast on September 27 as part of Adana Taste Days. Will you come?
– Of course, Governor.
Just now;
– Mr. Governor, where is breakfast in the morning?
– In Ortaköy.
– Ortakoy! But I came to Adana.
– Don’t do it…


After publishing another post, Haluk Levent said:

This just happened. I called the Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Zeydan Karalar. He said, ‘Our Governor Süleyman Elban is with me, Haluk. Wait, let me put it on the phone,’ he said. Our governor couldn’t believe it either… While I thought I was called to Adana, all Adana gathered in Istanbul, and I came to Adana…


On the other hand, Haluk Levent had previously published his photograph taken years ago. Levent, who remembers the old days, posted this black-and-white filtered frame on his Twitter account.

Youth photo, “Good morning.” The followers of the famous singer, who shared the note with her note, showered her with comments.


* Morning in the morning… Don’t do such things!

* The country was not ready for this!

* Do not respect those who introduce themselves as Haluk Levent with this photo!

* It doesn’t have an Argentinian vibe.

* Argentine football player Nartallo Osvaldo, who transferred to Beşiktaş in 1990, are you my brother!

“Hopefully it’s not me”

In the past months, Haluk Levent’s youth photo, which is frequently on the social media agenda, was shared again. Levent did not ignore the post and commented on his Twitter account.

Revolting humorously, the artist said, “What are you trying to do by publishing this photo every week, where do you want to reach it? I’ve said it over and over again; this isn’t me, it’s not! I hope it’s not…”

Photos: Instagram, Twitter, DHA, AA