German President: People may soon lose their homes

Steinmeier, in his speech at the invitation he gave for “Homeless Day”, “Poor people, especially families, who are unable to pay their rent or service fees due to rising prices are at risk of losing their homes. Also, people looking for a home may have a harder time finding affordable housing.” said.

Emphasizing that, according to estimates, more than 300,000 people live without a home in Germany, which is roughly equal to the population of a big city like M√ľnster or Karlsruhe, Steinmeier said, “Approximately 180,000 people spend the night in shelters for the homeless, and approximately 45,000 homeless sleep on the street all the time. ” he said.

Emphasizing that this number is in danger of increasing even more in the coming months, Steinmeier said:

“Wars and crises may cause more people to need shelter in our country during the autumn and winter months. Those who cannot pay their rent or house costs due to rising prices, especially families, are at risk of losing their homes. housing We must use all our means to ensure that those who have difficulty in paying due to their costs do not lose their homes and stay on the streets.”


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