Ergin Ataman: President’s Cup has been a morale booster for us


In the 36th President’s Cup competition Fenerbahce beat Beko 71-62 Anadolu Efeshead coach of Ergin Atamanmade statements to the press after the trophy ceremony.

Their arch rivals in the first match of the season Fenerbahce BekoExpressing that they won a meaningful trophy by beating . The foul problem changed the tempo of the match, we made a mistake there. The match was generally under our control. With Shane Larkin joining the team, we will start the season with the same goal in the Euroleague. It is a morale booster for us to start the season with a meaningful cup like the President’s Cup. Fenerbahce. “They also have a new team and a new coach. They also fought very well, but I think we are the dominating side of the game,” he said.


Noting that it was a serious happiness to win the President’s Cup for the 8th time in his own career, Ataman continued as follows:

It’s 2 to double digits. I hope I will be the first and only coach to reach double digits throughout my career. I am happy, proud of my players. It’s not me who won the trophy here, it’s my players. We have a good team. Our management continues to keep this team like this with great sacrifice. We are one of the best teams in Europe. We are trying our best to give it justice. We are not only the team of Efes fans, but also Turkey’s team. We are the Euroleague champions of the last 2 seasons. Euroleague season starts next week. I think our matches in Istanbul will be sold out. We have a great responsibility. We will see if we can make a team champion 3 times in a row for the first time in history. The transfer record was broken in Europe, the only goal of all teams is to beat us, but we have no intention of being beaten.


Reminding that Shane Larki played 3-4 matches with a disability after the Montenegro match, Ataman went to America after it became clear that he could no longer play in the MR, and had surgery on 14 September. We expect him to start collective work after 8 weeks. He will miss 10-12 games in the first part of the Euroleague. He is a hardworking player, he will return to his form as soon as possible and continue to work first in the Euroleague and then in the national team.