Amber Hear chasing money

After an eventful divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard hired a new attorney against insurance companies that refused to cover her dues.

Amber Hear chasing money

After an eventful divorce after nearly two years of marriage to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The actress, who struggled not to pay the money, first parted ways with her lawyer during the appeal process. Heard’s former attorney, “This is the perfect time to hand over the task to someone else. I promised Amber and her new team that I would fully cooperate and assist her as they navigate the path to success.” he said.

After all, Amber Heard hired a legal team to ‘force’ two insurance companies to pay millions of dollars in damages and court costs.

Amber Hear chasing money #1

Insurance companies want you to pay

Heard’s expenses had risen to over $8 million even before the tumultuous Virginia trial began. Heard’s team, on the other hand, wants these fees to be covered by insurance companies Travellers Commercial Insurance Company and New York Marine General Insurance Company.

Does not pay for intentionally committed crimes

Insurance companies had refused to pay Amber Heard’s expenses. This was due to Heard’s conviction that he had acted in ‘bad faith’. According to the laws of the state of California; insurance companies can avoid paying their customers if they ‘deliberately commit a crime’.

Amber Hear, chasing money #2

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