Meloni anxiety in Europe! Paris-Rome honeymoon is over


in Brussels, one of the founding members of the European Union Italy‘s far-right Giorgia Melony There is a remarkable unresponsiveness to the fact that it will be governed by However, this EUThis does not mean that ‘is not uneasy about the developments in Italy.


The extent of the change in the balance of power within the EU will largely depend on what stance Meloni will take and the clarification of what exactly he means by the vague emphasis on “Italy’s interests”. Meloni is currently seen as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Italy’s position in the EU will be directly linked to whether it will post:

* Italy, Germany-From the countries that have traditionally supported the France line. At the present stage, this support is at risk. Especially in the fields of democratic values, minority rights, immigration and European integration, Meloni’s frequency is quite different from those of these countries.


* Italy may choose to create its own force field within the EU. In this case, the Italy-Poland-Hungary axis may come to the fore with the support of countries with similar powers. The success of such a grouping depends on how well national interests can be restrained.

Meloni uneasiness in Europe Paris-Rome honeymoon is over

ECONOMY ties its hands

* It is considered certain that Meloni, who put aside the rhetoric of leaving the EU or the Euro Zone, will bring up some disturbing elements for Brussels, although not immediately. Italy’s economic situation and its need for EU resources are seen as the most important factor that will narrow Meloni’s room for maneuver.

* Meloni’s victory aroused skepticism about the EU project. The far-right and anti-European tendencies may gain strength in the European elections in 2024, depending on the performance of the new government.

* France and Italy signed an agreement last year to fix their deteriorated relations. Meloni, France PresidentWhile he does not hide his distaste for “Paris and Rome’s honeymoon is over,” comments are made.