Erdogan announced in Uzbekistan: Our goal is to become a member of Shanghai



This organization started as the Shanghai Five, but it is no longer a five. Currently, the number of members has reached 9. It has 3 observer members. In addition, there are 9 countries that are dialogue partners like us. Almost all of the leaders I met thanked us for our role in reducing tension in the Russia-Ukraine war. ‘We appreciate and congratulate you,’ they said. All of them came in our bilateral meetings and connected the business here. Because among these apparent forces in the world, ‘How do we solve this problem?’ There is no such thing unfortunately. We are not members of the Shanghai Five. Homeowner UzbekistanWe attended as special guests at the invitation of . The next process is a step towards the most advanced level of this business. This step will perhaps come to the fore at a more advanced level in the talks in India, which will be the host of the upcoming period. Being or not being a member is different, but our relations with these countries will be moved to a very different position with this step. (To the question of whether you mean to become a member) Sure. The target is it.



In return for Armenia’s provocations, Azerbaijan says it has completed the operation it started. Now that you’ve finished the operation, there’s no point in waving it now. According to the information I received from Mr. İlham, our Azerbaijani brothers have now placed themselves in a safe position. It is important for Armenia to abandon its provocations against Azerbaijan and to focus on peace and cooperation as soon as possible by acting in accordance with its previous commitments. Our wish is to successfully conclude the normalization processes carried out in our region and to ensure regional peace and stability permanently.


As you know, the grain corridor should be run towards less developed countries rather than developing countries. This is the main role we play here. Here we talked about it again; We said, ‘Let the underdeveloped countries use this grain corridor, reach them, and strive for it’. Of course, Mr. Putin is also careful about it. In the next process, I hope we will make this corridor work in the most ideal way, how we will make the underdeveloped countries use this corridor, how we will reach these places, what we can do there; we will follow it. All kinds of products coming from both Russia and Ukraine – it could be grain products, it could be fertilizer – for all of them, we are definitely negotiating and negotiating with the relevant country. Since we have taken the steps with such mutual negotiation and consultation until now, such a serious falsity has not emerged yet. In our meeting with Mr. Putin here, we agreed that this process should be continued with the same caution.



Agreement was reached regarding Akkuyu. With this agreement, they agreed with the Turkish company IC, which is currently there. By continuing the next process rapidly, we will be able to finish and open the first unit in 2023.


This man has no direction. This is compass confused and far from decency. A person who tries to express his history with insults cannot be a child of this nation. This nation is remembered by this ancestor. We are proud of this ancestor right now. But unfortunately, beyond being in politics, the fact that there are people who do this even though they say they are party leaders and even though they say they are historians, is really a mental eclipse. It is never acceptable to make such ascriptions to a Sultan Abdulhamid, who ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years, without being embarrassed or bored. There is also a person named Merdan Yanardag. He also uses immoral expressions and insults about the Ottoman Empire. These statements are definitely a hate crime. Of course, we have to go beyond them. So this square is not that empty. They will need to know this. If we are to be worthy of our ancestors, we must do what is necessary within the framework of the law.”



(The ‘concrete economy’ criticisms of the opposition front) Without concrete, there is no building, no road, no bridge. That’s what they say, but does what they say make any sense? We do not have a problem with the supply. Now we have seen the supply-demand balance. That is, the supply-demand balance seems to be in the direction of demand. So, it means that a move can be made again after the election. By then, the roughness of these constructions will be finished, and 50-60 percent will be progressed. Because it will take 1.5-2 years for the work to be completely finished there. On the one hand, there is the drawing of lots, and then settlements begin. In the meantime, we will start the second phase of the work. There is no shortage of money stamps here. Of course, the intensity of demand is obvious. That’s why I say, God willing, we will start a new phase after the election, hopefully. Because we don’t have any problems with the land. As long as there is no problem at the point of land, as long as there is a power to do business. We are the power to do the work. Of course, Mr. Kemal and his followers will make something up for him. I also told my friends, ‘Friends, let’s not linger, let’s start laying the groundwork immediately according to planning all over Turkey. I said, ‘You won’t wait until the end of the year. I gave the instruction and before the end of the year, we will lay the foundations and start construction according to how much we are doing in which city right now.



(Kilicdaroglu‘s ’empty promises, election investment’ criticisms) This isn’t the first time it’s been done. We have already built and delivered 1 million 170 thousand houses through TOKİ. There are people living in TOKİ residences right now, they are praying for us. Here we recently delivered in Esenler and visited those apartments. We have proof. We have created the proof.

(Recently, internal and external questions such as ‘Where does Turkey get these coins from?’ are being asked. Where does Turkey get these coins?) We work, when you work, money comes. Confidence in our country also comes from abroad. The Treasury, Finance, and the Central Bank join hands to grow a productive economy. The reserve of our Central Bank is around 115 billion dollars. Now, if only that were left to them… They make the Central Bank’s reserves seem almost zero, but the picture is not like that.



President Erdoğan told the story of the photograph that left its mark on the summit as follows: “Mr. İlham left that seat to me, and he took the seat next to me. Since most of them knew Russian, the translator was also translating what we spoke into Russian. Of course, all of them really enjoyed our conversation there. It was a good memory.”


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