Turkish striker marked the Philippines League

In recent years, many young Turkish football players transferred abroad. Arda Çınkır is one of these names, but he is a little different from the others. The young footballer continues his career in the Philippines.

Philippine team Cebu, coached by Turkish coach Mehmet Kakil, defeated Mendiola 7-1 in the league, and Arda Çınkır, who scored 4 goals in the first half, attracted attention.

Who is Arda Çınkır?

Arda Çınkır, who works in the center forward position, was trained in the infrastructure of Hatayspor, but has not had a chance in the A team so far. Then Mehmet Kakil, who was coaching Cebu, added the player to the team’s staff.

In addition to Arda Çınkır, another Hatayspor’s Mert Altinöz plays here.

How did coach Mehmet Kakil go to the Philippines?

In an interview with GOAL Turkey, coach Mehmet Kakil told how he went to the Philippines and emphasized that this is a project related to Hatayspor.

“Most of my career was spent in Hatay and I played for Hatayspor for many years.

I got a call from the club and they said that our honorary president, Lütfi Savaş, wanted to work with me on a project related to Hatayspor. When I wondered about the subject and asked them, they said that there was a study on finding players for Hatayspor.

I always help Hatayspor in any matter, so it didn’t matter what the task was, but I went to the point where we made an appointment the next day to get detailed information. I had brought a lot of players to Hatayspor before, so I first thought I would look for players as part of the scout team in Turkey or Europe, but they said that was not the case and they wanted me to coach a team in the Philippines.”

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