Bad news from Eric Gerets: I fall many times during the day..

Former coach and football player Eric Gerets spent one of the most successful periods of his career in Turkey.

GalatasarayAt the beginning of the 2005-06 season, the 68-year-old coach, who won the championship, became one of the names that marked the Super League.

Eric Gerets, who is the last foreign coach to win the Super League at the beginning of Galatasaray, made an impression with the statements he made to the French press.

According to the news compiled by Sabah newspaper; Belgian coach Eric Gerets, who also coached Galatasaray for a while, stated that his health condition deteriorated.

The statements of the 68-year-old technical man speaking to the French press are as follows:

“My health is getting worse day by day. The hardest thing is that your body can’t carry you anymore.

I hit my face on the ground 10 times a day because I fell. But despite all that, I’m still alive.”

Gerets, who once enjoyed the championship with Galatasaray, which he coached between the 2005-07 seasons, had a brain hemorrhage in 2012.

In addition to the Moroccan National Team, he also coached important European clubs such as Club Brugge, PSV Eindhoven, Kaiserslautern, Wolfsburg and Olympic Marseille.

Gerets left Al Jazeera, the representative of the United Arab Emirates, where he last took office, on the grounds that his health problems worsened and has not coached a team since 2015.

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