Bill introduced to completely ban abortion in the US

Bill introduced to completely ban abortion in the US

In the US, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham presented a bill to ban abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy across the country, while the White House reacted sharply to the issue.

Graham, at his press conference in Congress today, underlined that they have presented a bill to ban abortion across the country, “We are presenting this bill to bring America on a level with the rest of the world.” used the phrase.

According to the proposed bill, abortion will be prohibited from the 15th week of pregnancy, and pregnancies resulting from incest or rape or pregnancies that are life-threatening to the mother will be considered as exceptions.

For the bill to become law, first the Senate, then the House of Representatives, and finally USA It needs the approval of its president, Joe Biden.


After Graham’s press conference, White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre reacted sharply to the issue by making a written statement.

In the statement, Jean-Pierre said, “Today, Senator Graham introduced a national abortion ban bill to take away the rights of women in all 50 states. This bill is far from what the American people believe.” used the phrase.

Noting that US President Biden focused on the bills that would reduce the public’s health expenses, Jean-Pierre said, “On the other hand, Republicans are focused on taking away the rights of millions of women.” made his criticism.

Jean-Pierre noted that Biden and the Democrats in Congress will continue to support women’s right to abortion.


On June 24, the US Supreme Court annulled the “Roe-Wade decision” of 1973, which constitutionally guaranteed the right to abortion across the country, by the votes of 6 out of 9 judges.

With the decision, abortion ceased to be a constitutional right, and the laws on this issue were left to the states’ own initiatives.

While the aforementioned decision was welcomed on the right, the left, especially US President Joe Biden, interpreted the decision as an “attack on women’s health”.

After the court’s decision, protest demonstrations were held from time to time in front of the Supreme Court and in various cities of the USA.

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