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art lovers

Participating in the opening party of the 17th Contemporary Istanbul Ekin Mert Daymazcaught the camera while kissing his girlfriend.

“Didn’t you just ask us to pose?” The actor, who shouted, expressed his reaction with the following words:
“Why are you filming now without notice? Thank God the girl I kissed is my girlfriend!” (Say DURMAZ)

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It’s already over

Danla Bilicreconciled Yusuf EnginHe explained that his relationship with .


Social media phenomenon Danla Bilic was seen entering a venue in Bebek the previous night. Bilic, who was on vacation with his lover Yusuf Engin, with whom he reconciled at the beginning of the summer, once again declared that his relationship ended by saying “It’s already over” on questions of love. Bilic thanked the reporters and entered the venue with his friends. (Say DURMAZ)

art lovers

the hair is the same

Galatasaray‘s star football player, Bafetimbi Gomis, was photographed with his daughter at Zorlu Shopping Center the other day.

Gomis, who had her hair in a bun like her daughter, walked around the stores hand in hand with her. Football fans showed great interest in Yıldız’s name shopping tour.

art lovers

Romance wind in Kuruçeşme

Paraf Kuruçeşme Open Air Stage hosted Ziynet Sali the previous evening.

Ziynet Sali, who met with her fans at the concert held with the media sponsorship of Demirören Media Group and organized by Poll Production by Polat Yağcı, said, “I am going out for the first time in Kuruçeşme Open Air. I’m excited to sing against the Bosphorus,” she said. Sali, who sang his popular songs, had romantic moments with his wife on the stage while singing “Where is the love” composed by his wife Erkan Erzurumlu. (Say DURMAZ)


art lovers

turned fast

Petek Dinçöz quickly entered the charts with the debut song of his maxi single, which he prepared after 8 years.

Petek Dinçöz’s debut song “Çılgınlar Gibi (I’m Dead)” took the first place on the iTunes top 10 list 7 hours after it was released. The song, which was broadcast simultaneously on 20 different lists on Spotify, quickly spread on TikTok.

art lovers


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