A golden pir will rise! Critical comments from experts were officially announced that date.

A golden pir will rise! Critical comments from experts were officially announced that date. – Critical comments continue to come every day about gold prices, which are among the topics that are curiously researched every day in Turkey. After the warnings from the experts, there are hot developments. Gold, which is among the most trusted investment tools of citizens, is known for never making a loss. In Turkey, where the balances of many exchange rates have changed, the confidence of citizens in gold has never upset its investors. In this direction, while the citizens had a buying opportunity for the constantly falling gold prices in recent months, critical comments started to come from economists.

Small and large investors waiting for when gold prices will rise continue to guide citizens in this process. While the statements made every day left their mark on the agenda, the date of his rise was officially shared for those with gold. Here is what we have compiled for you, our dear readers, about the gold comments from the experts.


A golden pir will rise!  Critical comments from experts were officially announced that date.

Evaluations about when the rise will start from gold experts continue to come. Analysts consider the declines experienced as inflation and interest increases in the economies of countries. It is stated that while the demand for gold often rises due to reasons such as the global slowdown, analysts attribute this decline to interest rates.

Overseas Credit Suisse strategists explain that sales will rise even higher after breaking below 1.680. Strategists suggest that the next support segment will slide to $1,618, followed by $1,560, and then up to $1,451. According to the comments from the experts, it will start with the breaking point of $ 1,720 for the rise.

He shared his evaluations about gold in Societe Generale, one of its foreign sources. Strategists made the following comments. “In his report, where he said that the ‘golden bears are not ready to hibernate yet’, he said that they expect the price of gold to decline to the level of $ 1,550 / ounce by the third quarter of 2023.”


A golden pir will rise!  Critical comments from experts on that date were officially announced - Picture: 2

Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş stated that the markets will write their own stories in October and gave the following statements.

“Internally, gram gold decreased from 1030 liras to 998 liras. On the 994-995 band in the Grand Bazaar. After 2 months, it went under 1000 TL. In the short term, it will continue to be between 950-1000 liras. I see that these decreases will not be permanent in the long term. 950-1000 liras is an opportunity for those who are going to have a wedding and have gold debt. Towards the end of the year, he may see 1250-1450 with a new record attempt. Because the risks continue to increase. It is not clear what will happen in the last quarter of the year worldwide. Central Banks continue their gold purchases. These are all reasons for the increase. For the last 20 years, gram gold has been the most profitable investment tool for its investors. It was 480 liras last year, gram gold.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Attention! The information contained in this news is not investment advice and cannot be used. Public Agenda compiles, collects and shares the comments of the experts on the agenda. Never gives investment advice.

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