Poland and the Baltic states closed their borders to Russian citizens


RussiaDue to the invasion of Ukraine, European countries are increasing restrictions on Russia. Poland and the Baltic states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have closed their borders to Russian citizens as of today. Russian dissidents, diplomats, people dealing with transport, family members of EU citizens and those who have a residence permit in EU countries will be exempted from the restriction, which includes all Russian citizens who will visit the European Union (EU) countries for touristic or non-essential purposes, including those with Schengen visas.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, it was stated that the majority of the citizens of the Russian Federation supported the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, and it was emphasized that this decision was extremely justified.


In a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, “While the attacks in Ukraine continue, the touristic trips of the citizens of this aggressive state to our countries are not only moral, but also a political provocation and a threat to our security,” the statement said.

In a statement made by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian agents Tourist visa highlighted that you use it. The Lithuanian side, on the other hand, stated that limiting the issuance of visas to Russian citizens would be a fair and effective method. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Poland announced in a joint statement earlier this month that travel restrictions for Russian citizens will come into effect on September 19.


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