A man was killed by a kangaroo in Australia


The 77-year-old man, found by a relative at his home in Redmond on Monday, was critically injured.

When emergency crews reach home kangaroo The police had to kill the animal when they prevented it from being intervened. The man also died at the scene.

Police said they thought the man had been attacked by a kangaroo that morning.

AustraliaAbout 50 million kangaroos live in. These animals, which can reach 90 kg in weight and 2 meters in length, are rarely known to be aggressive.

This was the first deadly kangaroo attack since 1936.

Kangaroo behavior expert Graeme Coulson told Australian television ABC that these animals actually have “many weapons,” with their sharp teeth, claws and strong legs.


Coulson noted that kangaroos can be dangerous when they are worried or stressed.

He added that kangaroos standing on two legs may perceive people like them as danger. Especially when male kangaroos want to threaten each other, they stand upright on two legs.

A 67-year-old woman walking in Queensland in July was attacked by a kangaroo. Her leg was broken and she had cuts all over her.

In March, a three-year-old girl was injured in a kangaroo attack in New South Wales.


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