6 months, 6 thousand kilometers rule comes into play! last two days left


second hand last month car The regulation, which includes 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers in sales, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. According to the regulation made by the Ministry of Commerce, the marketing or sale of automobiles and off-road vehicles within the scope of commercial activity can only be carried out on the condition that 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers have passed from the date of first registration. Without meeting this condition, directly or indirectly, until 1 July 2023, marketing and sales cannot be done.


However, for cars that have not exceeded 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers, a period of time has been given to dispose of them without restriction until 15 September. The sales of the cars, which remained under the 6-month and 6 thousand km condition until this period, accelerated in the last two days. Fleet companies and some auto dealers, which have cars with 6 months and 6 thousand kilometers, put their vehicles up for sale. Accordingly, it was observed that there was a decrease of around 5 percent in used car prices. On the other hand, the gallerists said that this arrangement could prevent opportunism in the market.



Auto dealer Gökhan Ardeşen, who opened up on the subject, stated that the dynamism in the second-hand vehicle market has started, “With the effect of the holiday return, the second-hand vehicle market has started to move. At the moment, our only problem as dealer shopkeepers is uncertainty. There has been a decline in prices for the last two months. The rise has stopped for a while. Then there was a 5 percent decline in prices. Currently, the market is in a recovery phase. The supply problem, the parts problem and the chip problem continue, but for the last two months, stock vehicles have been released. I think now is the right time to buy new vehicles. September 15th There are those who want to dispose of new vehicles before the regulation that will come into effect in Turkey. With the regulation that will come into effect on September 15, it is planned to prevent stockpiling, opportunism and inflation in the market.”


Auto dealership Yılmaz Kebapçı said that those who buy and sell are now withdrawn from the market, “In the past, people from all professions were buying and selling vehicles. There were more buyers than dealers in the market. They have now withdrawn from the market. As a result, the demand has decreased. There are also new vehicles in some categories at dealers. There is no waiting for 5-6 months like before. Too many vehicles have been brought to the market from fleet companies. Brand new vehicles that are one or one and a half years old are currently on the market, but there is a 5 percent decrease in prices because there is not much demand at the moment. 15 September “With the regulation in ‘, stocking can be prevented, but I just think that this is insufficient for the market. He will not be able to sell only to dealers for 6 months, but normal riders will be able to sell. Especially on the internet, riders sell their brand new cars,” he said.


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