Yusuf Demir should not be considered local, but the foreign border should be removed

When Fatih Terim, when he was the Football Director, said, “I can’t benefit from the national team, and he is considered as a local. How does this work”, and when he explained the rule that is now being discussed, those who said, “The absurd rule must be changed,” were applauding.

Those who couldn’t call Terim “A” now find the rule they used to applaud “absurd”, probably because Terim is a Netflix figure.

As someone who supported Fatih Terim that day, I still defend the rule today. No, sir, if Yusuf Demir can’t play for the Turkish national team, he shouldn’t play in the Turkish League as a local.


• Just as the view of “I am German when you win, I am Turkish when you lose” is wrong, so is the view of “I am Austrian based on gains; Turkish when transferred to Turkey”.

• When it comes to your job, you will benefit from the benefits of being an Austrian citizen, for example, you will transfer to Barcelona with EU status, but you will want to be considered a local in Turkey. Then, wouldn’t the person who is defended as “Turkish son Turk” be asked, “What is this ambivalent attitude?”

• Why won’t anyone ask Yusuf Demir, who was defended as “Turkish son is Turkish, mother is Turkish, father is Turkish”, “Your mother is Turkish, your father is Turkish, your son is Turkish. Why did you choose the Austrian national team”? “Well done. Should we say “You didn’t choose us, but come wear a Turkish uniform anyway”?

• Also, no one doubts Yusuf’s Turkish ancestry, they often call him his parents. It’s not a question of being Turkish or not. The word native is also wrong. This is called the FITNESS TO PLAY IN THE NATIONAL TEAM. Mikael Tirpan or Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who do not speak Turkish, are given as an example. Do these two names have the qualifications to play in the TURKISH NATIONAL TEAM, if the authorities assign them? There is. Does his mother Turkish father Turkish Yusuf Demir have the proficiency to play in the Turkish national team? No. So why not? Players under the age of 21 can change their national team preferences after this age. The only condition is not to be national more than 3 times. So how many times did Yusuf, whose mother is Turkish and father Turkish, become an Austrian mile? 4 times. In other words, he has fulfilled the FIFA criteria. Yusuf Demir, whose mother is Turkish and his father is Turkish, chose the Austrian national team by his own decision. He became national 4 times. So, knowing that he could not change his national team preference, he played his 4th game. Then we should wish him success in the Austrian national team and know that every choice is a renunciation and put an end to this empty business.

• Zidane, whose mother is Algerian and whose father is Algerian, has chosen the French national team; His mother is Turkish and his father is Turkish, Yusuf Demir can also choose the Austrian national team. Nobody cares. But then to say “Come and play with us as a local” is to ignore your own national team and national identity, to say the least. I would like to thank Fatih Terim once again for putting his own criteria against this.

• Let’s talk about “So why is Mesut playing as a native?” to the answer to the question. The current benchmark came out in 2015. Does any law go backwards so that it goes backwards? How can the rights of those who have chosen another national team before 2015 and were entitled to play as a local be taken back? There are already 2 people left in this situation. Mesut and Gökhan İnler, who still cannot perceive that football has left itself.


This rule should remain the same. Whoever chooses citizenship of which country, no matter what. I don’t care. But he will not meet the eligibility criteria for my national team, and he will play in my national league as a local. That’s a lot of privilege. Otherwise, he was not born in Turkey; Isn’t it unfair to children whose mothers or fathers are not Turkish but who choose the Turkish national team?

No sir; Yusuf Demir is not because of his lineage; Since he did not meet the criteria to play in the Turkish national team, he should not be counted as a native here. But the rule of 14 foreigners and 14 Turks brought by the same Fatih Terim should be returned. The obligation to play Turkish did not improve anyone and created passport inflation. Yusuf Demir should be considered a foreigner. But the foreign border should be abolished. Dot.

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