Last minute… Fighting criminals: Clear statement from Interior Minister Soylu


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Both these are related to organized crime organizations, financial crimes and other crimes. For example; Our INTERPOL unit also explained. Wherever they are in the world, we watch and follow them, we strive to bring them to Turkey.

We caught Serkan Kurtuluş in Argentina on 20 June 2020 and he is in prison there. Deniz Camgöz is also there with him, he is also in prison in Argentina. Barış Boy, who committed many murders in Turkey and escaped after being released in Georgia after judicial control, was also caught in the city of Rimini in Italy and is currently in prison, awaiting his extradition. Volkan Rençber was also caught in Montenegro.


Mehmet Sabri Şirin was also caught in the Netherlands. These are all members of an organized crime syndicate. We are in constant communication with our interlocutors. We met with the Bulgarian and Albanian Interior Ministers. We expect that they will be returned after the upcoming courts. There is a domestic legal system there, too, and the domestic legal system is functioning.


We cannot say anything to the domestic legal system of other countries. We caught Radoje Zivkovic in 2018 when he was found with a false identity and we extradited him to Serbia with a sack over his head, but he got out within 2 years. We are not capable of tracking people in other countries. He entered Turkey illegally and was killed in an attack there. With the successful work of the Istanbul Police, 12 people were detained, all those who carried out the action, directed the action and mediated the action.


There is an incident of Cenk Çelik’s injury. He was caught fleeing abroad from Edirne within 36 hours. He will appear in court today or tomorrow. Both his gun and himself were caught, but that business will not stop there. I would like to say this to our nation.

We do not accept the understanding that the crime or the offender is free to roam or continue his crime after the crime has been committed. We find the culprit both in the mountain and in the city and bring him to justice. While realizing all these, we are trying to reveal the power of the state. Whoever commits a crime, wherever they are, will pay for it.



Özgür B., who was wanted on suspicion of shooting Cenk Çelik in Ümraniye with a gun, was caught in Edirne while trying to escape abroad. The suspect was sent to court.

Last minute... Fighting criminals: Clear statement from Interior Minister Soylu

In the incident that took place in Ümraniye on September 17, 2022, Cenk Çelik, known for his Sedat Peker posts, was seriously injured as a result of an armed attack. After the attack, he escaped and lost track of himself. In the investigation conducted by the Public Security Branch Directorate, the police traced the suspect in Edirne. Özgür B., who was preparing to escape during the operation, was caught by the police. It was learned that the suspect was also wanted for a murder committed in Adana before. The suspect was referred to the courthouse after the proceedings.