Who Invented the Refrigerator? Who Invented the Refrigerator, When and How Was It Found?

It is one of the most important technological revolutions and increases the quality of life of people several times compared to the past. What year was the refrigerator invented? Here are all the details…

Who Invented the Refrigerator?

Although the studies and first examples of the invention of the refrigerator are older, the inventor of the first refrigerator working with electrical energy is considered to be German Karl Von Linde. Linde, who invented the first electric refrigerator in 1876, patented this invention in 1877.

Where Was the Refrigerator First Invented?

Refrigerator; It was invented in an engineering laboratory established by Karl Von Linde in Germany. As a result of his work on the theory of refrigeration between 1873 and 1876 in this laboratory in the state of Bavaria, Germany, he succeeded in inventing the first electric refrigerator in 1876.

How Was the Refrigerator Invented?

Throughout history, people have sought ways to refrigerate products to prevent their food from spoiling. Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by nature, such as ice and snow, people also dug pits in the soil to preserve their food for a long time and used these pits as coolers. people in ancient Greece; They discovered that perspiration means cooling of the human body through evaporation, and they also used the method of cooling with steam for product storage. Based on this knowledge, they were able to store the food they put in damp containers for a long time.

The first of the biggest steps on the way to the invention of the refrigerator belongs to William Cullen. Cullen, a professor at Glasgow University; He conducted experiments to speed up the evaporation process. At the end of his studies, he succeeded in obtaining the freezing point by evaporating the ether under reduced pressure.

The construction of a refrigerator with mechanical cooling was possible for the first time in 1790. With this first mechanical refrigerator developed by English inventors Thomas Harris and John Long, they also got a skate at that time. This first refrigerator, with a system similar to a pump and requiring full manpower, is an important step on the road to an electric refrigerator.

In 1805, Oliver Evans succeeded in inventing the first refrigeration machine that used steam instead of liquid.

The first piston refrigerator that works without the need for human power was made possible by the American Jacob Perkins in 1834. Perkins, who succeeded in making a piston refrigerator working with ether, also patented this invention. However, ether being a flammable and explosive substance made this device extremely dangerous.

The first ice machine to be invented for packaging practical food and drink was invented by James Harrison in 1857.

The first refrigerator, considered the ancestor of modern refrigerators, was invented by German inventor Karl Von Linde in 1876 and patented in 1877. This first refrigerator, owned by Linde, used ether just like its predecessors, and this was considered extremely risky.

The first refrigerator to use freon gas instead of ether was produced by Baltzar Von Platen and Carl Munters. This device, which provides more effective cooling and does not have the risk of explosion like ether, has been a major turning point in the history of refrigerators.

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