‘Rachid Ghezzal’ application from the father of Kuaresma Azad and Anne Marie

Veysi Çelik (31), a futsal athlete in Diyarbakır who named her son Kuaresma Azad (5) and her daughter Anne Marie (2), applied from e-Government to change her name to Rachid Ghezzal. Çelik said, “I will apply for the name Anderson Talisca for my wife.”

The Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, ‘Citizens can make applications for name and surname change, which are not suitable for general morality, which are considered ridiculous, and have spelling and spelling mistakes, to the district population directorates through e-government or in writing, until 24 December’. Veysi Çelik, who lives in Diyarbakır and plays in Çankaya Belediyespor, one of the Futsal 1st League teams in Ankara, made a request to take the name of Rachid Ghezzal, a football player from Beşiktaş. Veysi Çelik, who only went to Ankara on match days, applied for his son Kuaresma Azad to be named ‘Ricardo Kuaresma Azad’. It was stated that two applications of Celik, who named his daughter after the British singer Anne-Marie, are currently under review.


Explaining that Quaresma has a different meaning for him, Veysi Çelik said, “I had posts about Quaresma long before Beşiktaş. We named our son Quaresma. “Ghezzal is a different player. I love him too. I will apply for the name Anderson Talisca for my wife,” he said.

Veysi Çelik said, “I like to do different things, not what everyone else does.” ‘ he said.

Halide Çelik (29) also stated that she welcomed foreign names with maturity due to her love for her husband and said, “I actually have nothing to do with football. I ignore my wife because I love her. That’s why I don’t get angry, I don’t say anything. I may change my mind in the future. My name may be Talisca.”

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