While Europe is falling apart… – Authors – Sibel ERASLAN

The natural gas crisis is sweeping Europe. By cutting off natural gas for a few days, Russia gave a very serious signal for the winter to European countries. With the month of September, fear of winter has already swept Europe.

We are going through the midst of the global economic crisis whose footsteps have been heard since 2008. While the energy, food and inflation crises weigh on the backs of countries all over the world, in the new era, energy reserves are giving certain patronage or otherwise disadvantage to countries with superiority. Crises triggered by energy affect the production power, increasing costs in production bring costly consequences such as expensive life and high inflation in the market.

In this context, the inflation crisis has shaken the UK the most in Europe, and the sectors are going on collective strikes, the unions have declared that the strikes will increase by equalizing in the coming days. The UK economy is experiencing a serious recession. According to the authors who follow the money markets; By mid-2023, the sterling will depreciate significantly against the dollar. Energy companies have already announced an 80% increase in energy. Social predictions are made that the economic imbalance will especially negatively affect the refugees and that racial discrimination will rise. Despite the “Brexit” decision taken by the UK, the cost of acting jointly with the EU on the sanctions to be applied to Russia is very high, everyone is restless.

France is also one of the countries that are very concerned about energy. Here, too, wide-ranging tasks began. France is also seriously afraid of social chaos. Measures and measures are announced to the public to save money continuously. Answers are sought around the question of how to reduce Europe’s dependence on gas from Russia. As for you; There is talk of using electricity at different times, power cuts… On Thursday, The Guardian newspaper said: “If families turn off the heat, little children may die from the cold,” an alarm was raised…

Italy is also one of the European countries experiencing the energy and economic crisis to its fullest extent… It was also widely featured on social media; With hundreds of people lining up at the door of aid organizations in Milan…

In the context of all these crises, the European Union is actually reconsidering the sanctions it has taken against Russia in the Ukraine issue. As a matter of fact, as in the case of Hungary, Hungary continued to say that it would not comply with the sanctions and continued to maintain gas agreements with Russia.

The European Union, in the context of Ukraine, is acting collectively against Russia, and the harshness of the sanctions is now turning black… After Hungary, Spain also gives the signals to run away from the European Union decisions. How much more can they plant this year? In France and Germany, this situation is being discussed both in the political phases and within academia and NGOs.

The European Union is in serious shock.

This paralysis in Europe; As long as the energy crisis continues, it seems like it will deepen. Europe is experiencing economic, political and social crises. And in this chaotic environment, countries are trying to revert to their old agendas.

EU countries will meet for a solution in the days ahead, on September 9th. In this meeting; A 15 percent natural gas savings will be approved across European countries. In addition, a European Fund is required to be established in order to strengthen the energy crisis. But how Germany, the EU’s financial guarantor, can support this has already been discussed…

Turkey, on the other hand, followed a very valuable strategy in the Ukraine issue. In the framework of humanitarian diplomacy, he provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but never broke relations with Russia. While Turkey has become a key country in the logistics and security of energy, Europe enjoys the strategic advantage in the Ukraine issue.

The leadership of Turkey and our President in terms of both peace and negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and first, diplomatic attacks won the appreciation of the whole world.

It is the USA behind the scenes that has trapped Europe with the Ukraine crisis… The USA, which aims to suppress Europe through the Ukraine crisis and Turkey through Greece, has come to our region from across the oceans to become the sole boss of the world after the pandemic… It seems that They will continue to be pawn countries in Ukraine and Greece. so that; Proxy Wars will no longer be waged by terrorist organizations, Proxy Countries seem to have replaced them…

In the meantime, it is once again proven how vital the national energy movement is. We hope that our Abdlhamid Han Drilling Ship will reveal new energy reserves in the Blue Homeland concept. Our natural gas purchases in the Black Sea are one of our projects that will give us a sigh of relief.

Gas is not just heating, it is production energy, it is the lifeblood of industry and energy; national power, if you do not have energy independence, your national independence is also in danger. Therefore, when we say National Energy Policy, we are actually talking about Turkey’s security issue.

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