5100 TL Payment Deposited to TR Identity Number! You Can Check and Inquire Today

Payments of 5100 TL to be made through your TR ID number are given to you through Yapı Kredi Bank. Yapı Kredi Bank, After the announcement he made on the official website, he announced that he would pay up to 5100 TL to the citizens who want to use a loan, with a 36-month maturity, over the Turkish Identity Number. Citizens who want to use a loan by making their application can get a low interest loan by applying for a consumer loan through Yapı Kredi Bank, if they want to use a loan of 5100 TL, with a 3-month deferred 36-month maturity, provided that the credit score is suitable.


your mobile phone By entering the message section, write Individual and leave a space, write your TR ID number and leave a space, and if you send a message to 44 11 after typing your monthly income net, you will have applied for a loan. For citizens who will apply for a consumer loan after a message sent over your mobile phone, the result of the transaction will be sent to you via SMS and you will be able to use the approved loan by going to the nearest bank branch. Credit service is provided within 5 minutes to the citizens whose results are suitable for loan applications made via your mobile phone, and approved loans are deposited into accounts within the same day and used.


Yapı Kredi Bank also announced that it will provide consumer loans through the mobile application to citizens who will use consumer loans with 36 months maturity and low limits. In the loan applications to be made through Yapı Kredi Bank’s mobile application, the citizens who meet the conditions are given a result within 5 minutes, and the opportunity for urgent consumer loans is provided. In case you need cash, you will be able to use credit from these banks by making your application, and you will be able to receive approved loans through Yapı Kredi Bank by depositing them into our accounts within the same day.

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