WhatsApp support ends for iPhone 5 and 5c!

It is seen as the most important communication source by smartphone users. WhatsApp It’s available on almost everyone’s phone. However, it is now updates With some phones, it is no longer possible to use WhatsApp. old generation iPhone This also applies to models.

Bad news for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users!

iOS Today when 16 is in beta testing iOS 10 or iOS 11 iPhone models running on versions of Android will soon stop supporting WhatsApp. on these phones from October 24 It is stated that users cannot enter WhatsApp.

The prices of the iPhone 14 series have appeared!

The prices of the iPhone 14 series, which are expected to be introduced by Apple at the event to be held next week, have emerged.

Older generation iPhone users must use their phones to continue using WhatsApp. iOS 12 or they will need to upgrade to newer versions. However, this situation iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c It seems unlikely for users. Because it is stated that newer operating systems do not work efficiently on these phones.

to support WhatsApp iOS update It seems that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users will have to buy a new phone as it is practically not possible. On the other hand iPhone 5s Users with models and above can update to iOS 12. WhatsApp support they can continue to receive.

WhatsApp to reflect these changes on the FAQ page updated system requirements. To keep the messaging platform up and running on their phones, iPhone users will need to get an update to iOS 12 or later. In contrast, WhatsApp support is still Android 4.1It continues for devices running in .

Statistically speaking, this is only a small part seems to be of interest. According to published reports, iPhone users 89 percent It’s using iOS 15. Only 4% of users iOS 13 or older generations are stated.

To update your iPhone Settings > General > Software Upgrade You can choose the iOS version you want to install by following the steps. So which iOS version are you using on your iPhone? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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