iPhone 14 advertising film from Samsung!

Although it is prohibited in our country, it is quite common to openly refer to other companies in advertisements in some regions. A commercial film in this direction was also shared on Samsung’s US Youtube channel.

Samsung continues to mess with Apple

Galaxy S22 The company, which published a new advertisement for Ultra and Z Flip4, did not neglect to talk about the iPhone 14 model, which will be introduced soon. In the commercial where the prominent features of the S22 Ultra and Z Flip4 are counted, the phrase “these innovations are not coming to the iPhone” was used.

Affordable move from Samsung!

Affordable move from Samsung!

Not forgetting its affordable models after its breakthroughs in foldable phones, Samsung announced the new Galaxy A04s model!

Beginning with “Buckle your seat belt for Apple’s latest launch as you enter a world that will spin your head,” the 30-second commercial highlights Samsung’s most advanced features, including 100x Zoom and 108MP camera.

YouTube video

It is quite remarkable that Samsung released this referral ad just a few days before Apple’s “Far Out” event, which will be held on September 7. Before this event, where the iPhone 14 model will be introduced, such an advertisement from Samsung may have angered Apple.

Samsung has ‘made fun’ with Apple in commercials before. in 2018 iPhone X When it came out, the Korean manufacturer talked about the notch size and download speed of the smartphone with its commercial film. In 2017, Samsung addressed Apple due to the lack of a headphone jack.

apple and samsung

In 2019, the company introduced the Galaxy Note 10, which does not have a headphone jack, and removed this commercial. With the Note 10, Samsung decided to host all the inputs on a single USB Type C, and this commercial film did not leave the manufacturer for a while.

While all these taunts continue, Apple is preparing to introduce its new model. The company, which will present the iPhone 14 series to users, will also share some important innovations with us. Apple’s biggest changes, on the other hand, have attracted reactions with the fact that they will make models with Pro jewelry.

Samsung often deals with Apple with commercials. It looks like there will be more of these commercials. Let’s see what will be Apple’s answer to Samsung? So what do you think about this subject? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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