What will Putin talk about with Erdogan?


Stating that the ‘grain corridor’ agreement reached by Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations in Istanbul in July has not been used to help countries suffering from famine, the Russian leader said that so far. Vladimir Putinwill meet at the Shanghai Cooperation Summit to be held in Uzbekistan on September 15-16. President What kind of demands he will have from Recep Tayyip Erdogan began to take shape.


Putin, who convened the Russian Security Council in Moscow the previous day and discussed the course of the Ukraine war as well as the “grain corridor” issue with his staff, listed his expectations consisting of a few items.

Praising the efforts of Turkey, which is the chief negotiator in the “grain corridor” agreement, the Russian leader said that 2 million tons of grain came from Ukraine with 87 ships, but only 60 thousand tons of them reached Asian and African countries that really needed them.



Stating that the access of Russian grain to the market was prevented by Western countries, despite it being included in the July agreement, Putin said, “The ships receiving cargo from Russia are prohibited from docking at the ports, insurance companies do not insure the grain load. Thus, Russian grain cannot enter the market. President Erdogan We will discuss this issue in detail. By the end of the year, Russia really wants to deliver 30 million tons of grain to countries suffering from famine and hunger.”

‘OR there will be famine’

“This year, the grain yield in Russia is very good. However, if the agricultural sector cannot bring its grain to the world markets, it will be impossible for it to cultivate for the next year. Therefore, in 2023, the world will face real famine these days,” he said. These two important items, listed by Putin regarding grain, were interpreted as that he would ask Erdogan for help in opening the Russian grain to the world, otherwise Russia might take a step to stop the “Grain corridor” agreement by revising it.


The issue of fertilizer produced by Russia will also be on the agenda at the Shanghai summit. Stating that Russian manure is blocked like grain, Putin said, “Due to the illegal sanctions imposed on us by the West, hundreds of thousands of tons of Russian artificial fertilizers are waiting in European ports. We are ready to donate approximately 2 million tons of fertilizer to countries that really need it, without receiving any money in return.”


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