Ukrainian army is advancing rapidly – News


In the war that has been going on for 200 days Ukrainesucceeded in counter-attacks launched on the eastern and southern fronts. President Volodymyr Zelenskyarea of ​​two thousand kilometers in a month, one thousand in the last week. RussiaSaid they got it back from Moscow’s appointed administrator for Kharkov, Vitali Ganchev, also acknowledged that Ukraine had “won an important victory”.


As part of the critical gains for the future of Donbas, the troops in the Russian-controlled town of Izum (Grape) had to withdraw. As the Ukrainian soldiers continued their advance, the Russian soldiers in the town of Kupyansk left the front without taking orders from the center. This was an important railway junction for the supply line for Russia’s troops. It means that the Ukrainian army pushed back 50 km from the Russian line in 1 week. Denis Pushilin, the leader of the Russian separatists, said that there were violent clashes at many points in Donetsk and the situation was “very difficult”.



After the news of the withdrawal, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its forces in Kharkov were reunited. Shortly after the statement, Russian forces attacked the city center of Kharkov with rocket launchers.


On the other hand, the Russian army began to send reinforcements to stop Ukraine, both by road and by giant helicopters that could carry 80 soldiers. It was also stated that “TOS-1” missiles, known as “doomsday weapons”, were sent to the region.


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