Visa move from Saudi Arabia to Turks: There is only one condition

Saudi Arabia is preparing to host tourists from all over the world with the ‘Touristic Visa’ and ‘Visa at the Door’ applications that it has put into practice within the framework of tourism expansion.

In this context, Turkish citizens who will travel to the country with a US, UK and Schengen visa/residence will be able to enter the country by obtaining a visa at the door, provided that these visas have been used at least once. With the electronic visa application activated for 49 countries, citizens of these countries will be able to obtain visas on the internet.


In the ‘Touristic Visa’ and ‘Visa at the Door’ application, which was put into practice within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s tourism expansion, those who have valid Schengen, American – USA and UK visas in their passports must have these visas used at least once and their passports must be valid for at least 6 months. It is also required to purchase health insurance upon entering the country and to book a hotel to cover the period of stay in the country.

In addition to the requirement for the passengers to buy a round-trip flight ticket, the tourist visa is 1 year and the maximum stay will be 90 days at a time. It has been learned that the visa fee to be taken on arrival in the country will be 128 USD, including insurance.

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