US President Biden shocked the audience… He called his friend who died on stage!

Creation Date: September 29, 2022 09:35

Joe Biden, the president of the USA, famous for his blunders, asked a question that shocked the audience during his speech. Biden called out to the congressman who died last month, when he did not get an answer, ‘Where is Jackie?’ she asked. Those moments went viral.


World, USA He speaks the words of President Biden on the podium.

Biden, who suddenly became the number one item on the agenda with his strange moves on the podium last week, forgot that Indiana Congressman Jackie Walorski, who died in a car accident this time, died.

Calling Walorski, who died in August, Biden said, ‘Jackie, are you here? Where is Jackie?’ His words created a cold shower effect in the hall.

These moments from the conference on ending hunger at the White House soon went viral on social media.

Walorski was one of the people who worked hard to finance the conference in question.

Biden was known to have a close friendship with Walorski. After the death of Biden’s wife, Walorski, the news of the accident shook her and her husband deeply.



Biden, who had caused similar images to appear before, shook hands with space after a speech.

After Biden became President of the USA, it was talked about for days that he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘President Harris’ many times.

Confusing the current year, Biden stated at a ceremony he attended last year that his wife, Jill Biden, was vice president under former US President Barack Obama, and then the White House had to correct this statement.


The mental health of 79-year-old Biden, one of the oldest presidents in the world, has been the subject of debate on the US agenda many times before.

Former President Donald Trump called Biden ‘senile’ in his election campaign and claimed that he would fail if he took the cognitive test.