Ukrainian army advances in east of country: Russia confirms

It was reported that the Ukrainian army, which continues its advance in the east of the country, also captured the strategically important city of Kupyansk.

Photo: Reuters

The Ukrainian army, which took action to take back the lands it lost from Russia, announced that after its advance in Kharkov, they took back the city of Kupyansk in the east of the country from Russia.

Images were shared that the Ukrainian special forces soldiers were in Kupyansk, which is about 100 kilometers east of Kharkov, with a population of 27 thousand. The city, which has been under Russian occupation for months, had a strategic importance especially in terms of the supply and logistics of the Russian army.

According to the news in DW Turkish The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced that army units continue to advance, liberating cities and villages in the east of the country. Ministry Spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko shared on his social media account. ‘impressive results thanks to the bravery of the soldiers and military support from the West’ announced their acquisition.

It is stated that if the Ukrainian troops recapture the city of Isyum after Kupyansk, the supply routes of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine will suffer a major blow. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that more than 30 settlements in the Kharkov region were recaptured from Russian forces.

Statement from Russia

Izyum and Balakley counties are among the places that the Ukrainian army recaptured in Kharkov. According to the news of AA, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that they were withdrawing from these districts. According to the ministry ‘for the military operation to reach its goal’ troops here were diverted to the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

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